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The Volume of Ejaculations

Here all the tips to get more abundant ejaculations, to improve sperm volume and cum more explosively.

The Art of Having Lot of Cum

First of all, we must distinguish very well between ejaculation volume and sperm or semen density. Sperm density is nothing more than the total amount of spermatozoons presents in a single ejaculation, or in a given quantity of semen.

Not all the ejaculations are equal. Sometimes our fluid is more liquid, other times is more dense, concentrated, mucous. This may depend on a variable number of factors. One of them is the sexual intercourses frequency. When you have sex infrequently, sperm tends to be more dense. Another factor is the actual spermatozoons concentration. And finally, the quantity of available seminal liquid to produce prostatic fluid.

Well, sperm density only influences fertility, as well as the spermatozoons count or concentration. Even if this factor may be important, it's not about this we are talking about when we refer to ejaculation volume with sexual purposes.

In other words, when our main goal is not to fecundate a woman, but instead to produce a beautiful, voluminous and abundant ejaculation, what interest us the most is not sperm density, but the actual ejaculation volume itself.

We commonly believe that when we don't ejaculate enough is because we ejaculate too much and sperm has not the time to re-form completely. This is only partially true. Because ejaculation doesn't depend only on spermatozoon production (which depends in its turn on hormonal production), but also on prostatic liquid quantity, which is a sterile liquid and not necessarily linked to spermatozoon and male semen production.

Sure, we can always increment sperm density through a healthy diet and adequate supplementation, but, event if we don't do that, even if we continue producing little sperm rates, we can always increase the ejaculation volume to produce a good sexual effect. There are several tips to achieve this and we will review them.

First of all, the #1 rule to increase the ejaculation volume notably is drinking a lot of water. From 3 to 5 liters per day. Sure, here we are not talking about only pure water, in these mentioned liters we should also include any other liquid we take. There are people that when they talk about 3 liters of water, they only consider water and they don't take the other liquids into account, which may lead to the inverse error, that is, taking liquids in excess, while this consumption should be maintained to the suggested amounts.

In general, the more liquid reserve we have into the body (without going beyond the suggested quantity), the more the can use them to produce prostatic liquid. When our body has abundant liquid, ejaculation will be more abundant. Instead, when this liquid is not enough, our body prefers to save it and reserve it for more vital functions that the mere ejaculation. Furthermore, taking enough liquid allow us to eliminate toxins, medical residual, and fat faster, aside to contributing to speed up metabolism.

Some exercises in our program allow to make ejaculations more explosive and intense, but this only complements the need to take enough liquid, is not an alternative to it.

As a third point, sleeping enough is very important as well and sleeping at night. There is a theory according to which if we go to bed early, each hour we spend sleeping before midnight worth two hours of sleep. For example, if we go to bed at 11 PM, the hour between 11 and midnight is equivalent to two hours in quality.

And finally we should not forget that we can use dietary supplements also to increase semen and ejaculations volume. Either in our aphrodisiac guide and the excerpts from it in our site public zone mention products that help to favor ejaculation volume. Some of these products such as L-Arginine and L-Carnitine, but equally vitamin E, can also have an impact on sperm count and spermatozoon motility, up to the point that L-Carnitine is also sold as a drug and it may be prescribed by a physician, especially for some infertility problems. While Muira Puama helps to increase the volume of ejaculations in general.

Here's other tricks to increase ejaculation volume and sometimes even sperm production:

  • Reduce the consumption of salt or sodium rich food: The sodium retains liquides, therefore, even if you drink enough liquid, it reduces significatively the available resources for the seminal liquid.
  • Reduce the consumption of alcohol and tobacco: alcohol may affect liver functions and cause estrogenic spikes. Even two cups per day may provoke side effect in the long term concerning sperm production. While smoking increase the body toxicity and liquid retention making sexual fluid formation more difficult.
  • Avoid the overweight and adopt a healthy diet: a diet which lacks seturated fat and which is rich in proteins, vegetables and fibers favors sperm production. Avoid spices and caffeine excesses.
  • Avoid to warm testicles: this applies especially on fertility matters. The fact of using clothes too warm or to take a too hot bath or going to the sauna too much, reduce fertility because spermatozoons cannot survive in situations of elevated warming.
  • Increase your physical and sportive activities: these activities, in fact, allow us not only to keep fit, but also to accelerate our metabolism. Also, some sports like bodybuilding presuppose a diet with most frequent meals, therefore the general sperm production result to be favored.

All these tips in their whole allow to improve ejaculation dramatically. Some of them may sound very evident, but the results are awesome. Having more intense ejaculation is one of the most pursued thing by men of the entire world, together with penis dimensions and erection quality, the quantity of sperm is very important. Therefore, the ejaculations question is a third factor which must prime in our goals.

Our program is focused on penis size improvement and erections quality. We also provide several exercises and an entire part devoted to premature ejaculation and intercourse duration. These exercises also contribute to make ejaculations more powerful.

And the tips we have just described will complete the picture for all those who are already following our program with results and, at the same time, the tips are a fantastic basis and an excellent starting point to all our visitors who not joined our program yet and who just want to be kept informed.

For all these reason we have decided to make public these tips and free for anyone. This way our site - and not only the member's zone - will become each day more useful and we will keep enriching it constantly with relevant informations.

The 4-big-penis.com staff


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