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Testimonials About the Program...

Don't trust online testimonials or free male improvement methods. Most of the time they only constitute a puerile propaganda.

  • They are not trustworthy.
  • They can't be demonstrated.
  • They are often invented.
  • They are often misleading.
  • Why we Don't Publish Members Testimonials?

    This site doesn't contain the famous or infamous "testimonials". Most sites, especially penis enlargement ones, uses such pages to better advertise their methods. But, it's fully evident that in these pages 1) customers anonymity is violated or 2) the testimonials are fake.

    The only trusted warranty that a penis enlargement method may ever provide is the refund when a member doesn't obtain satisfactory results. And ineffectiveness probabilities are very low if the program is good and genuine. Only a paid program may give any warranty, not only on results effectiveness, but also on its safety. Furthermore, only profesional and genuine programs may provide the help of experts who can advise, giving the necessary support and supervision during the training, ensuring that the exercises are made in a safe and correct way.

    A free method, admitting that any valuable a free program may exists, can't provide you the quality and the support you will eventually need. The penis enlargement is a sensitive matter and it's simply unthinkable to begin a method without control or experts assistance. Normally, a quality program costs less than 70 dollars, often is a life access, which will not expire. Definitively, it's better to trust a genuine program and do things correctly, rather than browse for free methods which may harm you.

    A testimonial page doesn't guarantee anything. In fact, would you trust it? You really would believe that someone will admit in public to have joined a penis enlargement program, by writing down his real name or even his e-mail address in a web site visited by thousands of people each day? And would you figure yourself taking a picture of your penis when you join the program and take another pic when you achieve it, with the aim to publish it? Why you would do that? A similar story, would it be probable? Some websites will state they pay their members to publish testimonials, but this is not more likely than the previous story, because it would be impossible for us to control frauds of these wanting to publish pictures just to earn money. Again, results would eventually be fake, because anyone would invent anything to get a little cash. And finally, before and after pictures would not prove anything, even by supposing they were authentic. Later in this page, we will show how pictures can be faked with ease.

    The truth is that all these who join our natural penis enlargement program are really concerned to keep their anonymity, even with us. In fact, most people who contact us don't even put their name at the end of their email. Sure, our members communicate to each other in the mailing list reserved to them, but they always do it with their nicknames, and they are perfectly aware that the list is private and exclusively reserved to the members of the program. Nobody would talk it publicly. And it's well done. The penis enlargement is a private matter and must remain private. The users who work hard and finally get results will always say that they are born with a big and enduring penis. They would never admit they have joined a penis enlargement program. Would you do it, do you?

    Furthermore, our members anonymity is sacred. Publishing their results means violating it. Our customers wouldn't trust us any longer if we began to publish their results without their authorization. We should invent names, e-mails and so on, but then, it wouldn't make any difference between inventing the names and inventing the whole stories. We could never demonstrate our testimonials and they would never have any credit. We can perfectly provide a survey, but it would only be useful to get a general idea, not to demonstrate any result.

    Most penis enlargement web sites invent everything, by counting on simple visual effects. You could perfectly simulate a "before" with a flaccid penis and an "after" with a softly semi-erected penis. You can even simulate a before and after just by changing the position of the body. For example, get naked and try sitting down slightly inclining your body outwards without changing the position of your pelvis. Your penis will appear much smaller. Now, sit down normally and get a semi-partial erection, one of these where the penis seems bigger, still appearing flaccid. This trick also works with an erected penis. Have you tried taking any photo? If yes, you have just simulated a perfect before/after situation. There are thousands of ways to make your penis appear smaller or bigger without changing its actual size at all. We don't need these cheap tricks. Our program works and the best warranty is the money back formula (satisfied or refunded). No more, no less.

    Sure, with thousand of users, there is always someone willing to show his results. But we also have a third reason to not show testimonials in our site: the witness should necessarily show himself naked on our public pages, this is not agreeable for an heterosexual male reader. Our site has a general sexual educational orientation. It's not a porn site and only the membership is reserved for adults. So, the public part of this site does not contain pictures of any penis. These images are only found in the member's zone and even there, they only have illustrative purposes and they are carefully chosen to appear professional, not pornographic.

    Our site doesn't even publish messages from our mailing list reserved to members. Some sites publish messages from their forums or mailing lists in order to convince new people to join. But our mailing list is private and our members wouldn't appreciate to see their messages published for advertising purposes.

    For us, customers satisfaction and privacy are more important than marketing. For this reason, we don't have any testimonial page, and we are not planning to have one in the future.


    This site is responsive. What it mean? Try to resize your browser and you'll see. The page layout and its architecture will change depending of the size of the screen. In other words, it doesn't matter if you are using a big screen desktop monitor, an iPad, an iPhone or even a Nokia N70. You will see this site correctly, regardless of your screen resolution!

    Today, an increasing number of users connect to the internet using mobile devices. Not only websites must adapt to this, but they also have to be light, because some devices are using slow connections and many internet providers will charge money depending of the size of the data you download. Everything old is new again! Goodbye flash sites (they will not work on any Apple device) or image based layouts!

    It was critical to sacrifice conservative web preferences for today real needs (if we think that some people still use old versions of Internet Explorer, but they are each day fewer). So the liquid technology was born, it's web 3.0 time my friend. This site is not like many others that maintain a desktop and a mobile version. It has just one version that is responsive and will adapt to any screen size.

    We have proud to announce that our site is now web 3.0 ready and it looks forward to the future. And we hope you will love it too.