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Learn how to ejaculate a lot and keep the testicles in shape

The testicles based exercises allow to improve the performances of the testicles and obtain better and explosive ejaculations.

  • The best techniques on testicle's massage.
  • A fit penis depends on healthy testicles.
  • A healthy testicles allow more explosive ejaculations.
  • The exercises help to obtain more testosterone's production.
  • Get very healthy testicles!

    The general health of the testicles is very important to ensure a performing penis. Healthy testicles help sperm production; a good blood flow in the testicles is also important. Further, these techniques facilitate a higher testosterone production, which, in men, is the hormone responsible to sexual desire and interest.

    Furthermore having the testicles in good shape is very important to have better and more explosive ejaculations. The testicles based exercises are one of the methods to increase the amount of cum and the ejaculation volume. They don't constitute the only method, obviously, but the final goal consisting of ejaculating a lot during an orgasm can be reached by a combination of methods where these exercises play a special role.

    Some users underestimate the importance of these techniques. But, in order to develop the penis in a very complete way, having healthy testicles is critical, not only to increase the ejaculations volume but also to have better erections and more sex drive.

    In these pages we have seen many things helping to have better erections and this is not contradictory at all. Indeed, it's a very revealing fact, that is, the erection is not a standalone process. It depends on many factors, such as functional corpora cavernosa, a good blood flow in the penis, a good state of sexual related muscles (for example the erectile smooth muscles and the perineal musculature), and also a good testicles health.

    Our program includes a complete section devoted to the exercises for the testicles and the good news are that you don't need to practice these exercises every day, except in the first period of training. Once you have gained an optimal state, you can decrease the rhythm and weekly session will be perfectly enough. You also can interrupt the exercises as long as you continue feeling good.

    After all, this part is just another bonus, not really because it's not important, but because a very few other natural penis enlargement programs actually offer exercises dedicated to testicles health.

    This latter is ensured by two factors: testicle massage and testicle stretching. Both techniques are essential. Some exercises are a combination between stretching and massages with participation of the penis. But don't confuse these exercises with penis stretching. Here, the penis will not be stretched, it just helps promoting testicles stretching in deep. Testicles, as known, lower and raise in the scrotum according on climatic or emotional conditions. Testicle stretching helps to maximize these motions and it will make the testicles able to produce more hormones and sperm, even in circumstances where they would remain inactive.

    Testicles are impressive organs. They are extern to the body, since the sperm production is only optimized in an environment where the temperature is slightly inferior than the body temperature. In average, they produce about 150 million spermatozoons each 24 hours, they are also responsible for testosterone production (average production is about 370 - 1100 nanograms per deciliter (ng/dl)) and other male hormones as well. These hormones are responsible for sexual attraction, hairs in the body, smell, erections, libido and many other aspects that distinguish males from females. Women produces male hormones too, but in much smaller quantities, just like men produce female hormones in the same way. Usually there is a balance between male and female hormones in the human being. The prevalence of the one in respect to the other depends on sex and determines it.

    Usually the testosterone production decreases with age, especially after 40, even if some men at 70 still produce about 700 ng/dl daily. Sperm production as well decreases with age, even if this one too is a variable factor between a man and another.

    Maintaining testicles in shape is particularly important because it allows to limit as much as possible this gradual reduction of sperm and hormone production. The evidence of this fact is that not all men suffer from the same effects of this reduction. There are cases where the health of the testicles is maintained more in some men than in others. Exercises will surely contribute to keep this state of health, but also a good diet and a good antioxidant supplementation.

    Thus, it's very important to keep the testicles rights, no matter if you are still young or if you are more aged. The exercises for the testicles will contribute to stay in the category of these men who still maintain well and even in an advanced age they don't feel the decline that a careless man would feel.

    Our program will help you in every aspect, not only with exercises, but also in respect to the best diet planning and supplementation.


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