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Important Notice, Please Read Carefully

Between Ionenet S.A. (the company owning the 4-big-penis product and which from now on we will name Ionenet or simply "us"), 4-big-penis (which represents the name of the site, the name of the product or the staff working on it, and that from now on we will simply call 4-big-penis.com or 4-big-penis), the user (who can be mentioned either with the singular user and the plural users) and any possible site visitors (in all the cases where it is applicable), we establish the following:

  1. The contents of the site 4-big-penis are introduced exclusively for educational purposes. All the given notions must be considered "as they are", in the same way we consider a sport, a practice or any other psychomotor development method.
    The contents of 4-big-penis should never be considered as an alternative to medical therapy. 4-Big-Penis.com staff is not made up by physicians and neither are physicians any other people involved in this program, in the same way dance teachers or sportive instructors are not physicians.
    If the user suffers from any urological problem, if his constitution, conformation or health state does not allow him to follow a vigorous regime of exercises for his penis, or if he simply has doubts of any nature, he should consult a physician BEFORE beginning any kind of exercises or techniques.

  2. In accordance to what is said in the previous point, 4-big-penis program must exclusively be considered as a personal development guide. It's about a physical training and the quality of the results depends mainly on the way the user will working. So, by subscribing to this program, the user is aware that 4-big-penis cannot be considered responsible for any side effect due to incorrect workouts. If the user notices side effects or if he has some doubts abut the program or if he doesn't understand some exercises, he MUST contact our member support before continuing his training. If the user ignores this directive, we decline any responsibility about possible dissatisfactions or side effects.

  3. The current price of this program is provided in the join page and it involves a permanent suscription. The payment is unique and it doesn't involve any additional fee, even in case of future variations in the price.

  4. Any future change in the price will not affect current members but only new ones. Our staff will not ask additional payments in case of any price raise and we will not refund any amount if the membership price get lower. The price for joining is exclusively the one asked at subscription time. No variation of price will be retroactive.

  5. The membership of this program allows several join options, among them the wire transfer, the money order or the mail remittance. Some of them will involve sending or commission fees, which will not be included in the price and they are charged to the user, which must send the right amount. If the user sends an amount inferior to the one established, he can pay the difference to cover the right price. We will not make any refund if the amount sent doesn't correspond to the program price and if the user doesn't send the difference due. Furthermore, any payment in excess is not refundable. The user has the complete responsibility to send the proper amount.

  6. Ionenet S.A., reseller of the program represented by 4-big-penis domain, can grant a refund of subscription only under the following condition: in spite of the constant and correct user's workout and efforts during a minimal period of three months (90 days) and a maximal one of four months (120 days) - the program reveals totally unsatisfactory in all the covered parts. The 4-big-penis staff reserves the right to verify such a situation and to consider positively or negatively the refund request, in order to avoid abuses, for example to avoid that some user attempts to request a refund without a valid reason. The refund may not be granted if the user refuses to cooperate in the steps required for the refund procedure. Each client (user) may only do one refund request during its subscription and no refund is possible after the fourth month. These rules are applied according to the international right of relinquishment laws. Our program belongs to software products category and - in any case - it's constituted by immaterial, multi-media material, therefore subjected to privacy and copyright matters. The access itself makes it a consumed product, thus a non refundable one, except under the above mentioned conditions and no other. Multiple refund requests, out of time requests or requests non compliant with our terms and conditions will automatically be rejected and these will also void our money-back warranty.

  7. Furthermore, we don't grant refunds for any connection problem or for any technical issues that are not under our responsibility or under the responsibility of our online transaction provider or any other entity in a direct or indirect relation to this program. It's up to the user to have his/her devices well configured; we can give you help to some point and in the limits of our possibilities, but no refund is provided under these circumstances. We neither accord refunds caused by temporary problems or by other interruptions of service due to force majeure problems.

  8. Any fraudulent attempt to request a refund may involve the subscription cancellation (without refund) and it may cause for persecution.

  9. Any user who writes to us or who confirms a payment must provide a valid e-mail address. The user must also ensure that he can receive our replies to the e-mail he provided either in the contact form and in any sign-up form, and that no anti-spam filter is incorrectly configured in order to prevent communication. We answer to all the messages. So if the user does not receive any answer, chances are that there is some problem and he should check his e-mail situation or give another one in case of problems. We don't assume any responsibility about unreceived email replies and we don't grant any refund or compensation due to communication problems when they are under the user's responsibility.

  10. Each subscription is applied only to one person at a time and it's not negotiable or assignable, except under direct authorization of Ionenet S.A. A possible silence from us may not correspond to consent. Each member's username and password are strictly confidential. Their distribution, selling, borrowing, lending or other to a third party person or people is strictly prohibited. Such an action constitutes a copyright violation.

    Our servers use advanced anti-fraud systems which, in combination with IP numbers, cache informations, concurrent accesses analysis and provider's addresses, allow us to identify, practically always, a fraud and its origin. Any attempt to distribute accesses to unauthorized persons will be surely discovered and this action may involve the immediate, permanent and definitive account cancellation without the possibility to re-open it in the future. Furthermore, our enterprise Ionenet S.A. reserves the right to prosecute in justice any fraudulent action according to law terms, which may involve indemnity for image damages and frauds, with high fines.

    Don't worry: all this doesn't mean that the user cannot access the program from different locations or computers. We perfectly know that many users may access from several places or from different computers. This is usual and the user may access the program from any computer. What is not usual is, for example, if we notice three simultaneous accesses with the same username, and our system is quite intelligent to detect this and many other things.

  11. Any member of this program is uniquely identified through the e-mail address used when joined. We reserve the right to deny any assistance to any customer who contact us using a different e-mail address or who refuses to use it as proof of his/her membership. The purpose of this policy is to avoid any abuse or identity usurpation. Any hostile attitude against this policy may involve a temporary or permanent cancellation of the password. If the user changes his e-mail address or if he/she decides to suppress the e-mail which identifies him, the user must notify it to us before it happens, using the old e-mail as proof of membership and eventually providing the new e-mail address with which he wants to be identified. Otherwise we decline any responsibility and the user may loose any right of reclamation.

  12. In accordance with the previous term, we will not reveal any lost or forgotten passwords to an unknown e-mail address. Even if the user provides the e-mail associated with the password, he must however use this same e-mail to request a password and specify any alternate e-mail as substitute of the old one. We will not reveal any personal information to unrecognized e-mails. If the e-mail associated with the password was suspended or cancelled, our staff will reserve all the right to not provide the data, in that case the user will have no other choice than joining again, if he wishes, crating a new account associated with the new email.

  13. 4-Big-Penis.com is protected by copyright. Any reproduction or distribution, even partial either of its public content or of the member zone, under any format, paper, electronic, etc, is strictly prohibited by international laws, except in case of authorization form the owners of this documentation. The material of this program is uniquely distributed with the goal of consultation. For any other use, an authorization is required. Sure, the members of the program may print the pages to facilitate reading, but only for personal copy purposes. They may not distribute them.

  14. Any user's sentence or inappropriate word or attitude directed to our staff, our customer service or our site, may involve e-mail filtering or, if the client is a member, the cancellation of his subscription, without possibility to re-open it.

  15. Any calumnious declaration against our site, our program or our enterprise will be claimed in justice and may involve the account termination. By calumnious declaration we refer to any attempt to address to our program, our site or our staff (or any other third party direct or indirect entity), any gratuitous comments or undemonstrated and unverified judgements, in any forum, mailing list or other publicly accessible medias. The same rule also applies inside our mailing list reserved to our members or any other possible forum or chat of the same fashion.

  16. By subscribing to this program, the user will exempt 4-big-penis staff, Ionenet S.A. and any other enterprise or individual associated with 4-big-penis.com, from any responsibility related to any physical or material damages, caused by the neglecting of these terms and conditions, or by any incorrect or irresponsible use of this program or any other idea related to it.

  17. The program also include a guide about sexual foods and aphrodisiacs, vitamins or any other substances that could ensure or improve a better sexual shape or facilitate the program exercises. However, it's simply a guide and it must be considered as such. Ionenet S.A. doesn't produces or sell these products, so we are not responsible of their use. Most of these products are natural, so the users will be directly responsible of these products use or abuse. In case of doubts, the user should better consult a physician or a dietician before beginning to take anything.

  18. By joining this program, the user implicitly declares to be adult and complete owner of its faculties, actions and decisions. Especially, if the user is under age, he may only subscribe under the authorization of an adult responding for him. The violation of this term will exempt us of any responsibility.

  19. The subscription to this program give the right to access to it. It's implicit that the access interface must always work. Our staff ensures the maintenance of this site and especially the member zone working. We cannot however respond for anything beyond our control. For example, we are not responsible for any device or software (browsers, etc) configurations, for the user's internet connection or for users locations. This site was designed to work perfectly in most browsers including mobile devices. Nevertheless, it cannot be universally guaranteed, especially taking into account the old versions of some browsers. In case of problems, try using a more recent version. Generally, if you can see the public site correctly, you will also see the member's zone correctly.

  20. By subscribing to this program, the user solemnly declares to have carefully read, understood and totally accepted these enumerated terms and conditions.
    Joining this program presupposes an implicit acceptance of these terms. The user is totally responsible of any error or damage due to the ignorance or the negligence of these terms and conditions.

  21. These terms and conditions may be subject to any changes in order to improve our service. A new rule could be added to answer any given business rule need. The user should visit this page periodically in order to stay updated about it.

  22. This site, Ionenet S.A. and any third party are working in the full respect of privacy international laws and of people and personal data processing, with particular reference to the dignity and privacy of physical individuals.
    This guarantees the following: (1) the user's data will be only used to finalize his subscription, to answer his requests and send him possible bulletins that our staff reserves the right to consider appropriate; (2) users have the right to keep their anonymity in any circumstance if they wish and (3) any information regarding any user (visitor or customer) will not be distributed to any third party.