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Collaboration Program Between Webmasters

It's known that internet users don't click on advertising links or to links that are there for a link exchange. Instead, users click on natural links, that is, when a link is part of the textual context of a page and it might be useful to learn more about a specified topic or to find additional informations about a subject. In this case, the user will click your link. But, even when it wouldn't happen, your website would get known anyway. This should the real aim of any collaboration or link exchange between webmasters. When you collaborate with another webmaster just exchanging links is not enough, you also should exchange points of views. This is exactly the kind of exchange we prefer, even if there are times where we also accept advertising exchanges.

We offer several options of collaboration.

Guest Posting and Article Exchange

Our site accepts the publication of relevant articles on male sexuality niche, with the possibility to add a reference link to an external, quality website. In exchange, we might publish an article on a site of interest, always with the possibility to reference our site with an hard link. To learn more about our policy about article exchange, read here. In order to propose such kind of collaboration, just contact us.

Links Collaborations

Our rules about link exchanges are simple but rigorous and based on honesty:

  1. Our site don't accept any request of collaboration, but only these it consider worth at its sole discretion.
  2. It's strictly forbidden to link to us before having contacted us. Some webmasters publish a link before requesting any collaboration or exchange. Such behavior is unacceptable and it involves an automatic refusal.
  3. We pay more attention to collaborations requests which are related to sexuality.
  4. Natural and cross exchanges have the priority on direct ones and they determine sometimes the collaboration approval.
  5. We either accept graphical and text exchanges. In the first case, the reciprocal banner may not be smaller than the one we will publish. The list of all our available banners is here.
  6. If we get linked from an authority page, we can link any page your request from our home page. Otherwise a secondary but relevant page will be chosen.
  7. In any collaboration or exchange we only accept one reciprocal link per domain name. If you link to us from several page, we reserve the right to ban you and end the collaboration without notice.
  8. We don't accept links from low quality websites, having too many external links, without a proprietary domain name, participating to link schemes or affiliate programs or any other off shore or illegal site. Adult site are accepted, but we cannot publish nudity images or banners. Since this list is not exhaustive, some site may be considered unacceptable, even if they are not mentioned here.

To retrieve the code of our links and banners, click here, while to ask for any kind of collaboration, send us an email. Remember that it's forbidden to link to us before getting an approval from us. Abusive linking is considered a copyright violation.