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Important Notice, Please Read Carefully

About Sensitive Data Processing

In this website, all the related credit card transactions and other sensitive data are managed by a recognized international transaction banking actor in credit card processing. Your sensitive data is strictly used to perform your transactions, they are no kept by our transactions provider and our servers have NO ACCESS to them. Your credit card transactions are completely secure. We also accept other payment methods, but our policy about security and privacy is the same for any payment option. Our site does not contain insecure payment methods our methods which don't respect the customer's privacy.

Personal Data Processing From the Side of our Website

This site may receive other non-banking personal data, such as names, e-mail addresses, mail addresses, etc through other contact or subscription forms (for example, in payment options that don't involve credit cards). This site only keep the email address of its customers (and not visitor's e-mail addresses who are asking informations), with the only purpose to give them support, allowing lost data recovery (such as usernames and passwords) or to send them special offers in case they expressly ask to receive them every time there is an update.

This site and the society maintaining it, as any other third party, are working in the respect of international privacy laws, people and other subjects in relation with personal data processing, with particular reference to physical people and their privacy rights.
This guarantees the following: (1) our users personal data will be only used in the context of joining our program, to answer questions or send any other important communication that our staff may consider important; (2) our customers have the right to keep their anonymity if they wish and (3) any information about any visitor or customer will never be distributed to third party parties.

Therefore, this site completely respects netiquettes and international privacy laws.