Importance of the Size of the Penis

Does the penis size really matter? All the truth revealed about the importance of the size.

Does the size of the penis really matter? And how?

Facing the question about if the size of the penis really matters, it's difficult to answer objectively, especially inside a natural penis enlargement website. It's really easy to develop a whole discussion driving to the conclusion that penis size really does matter, and a lot. But this is not our goal. This page is not just "another page" to improve our search engines positioning or to attract more visitors. People interested to enlarge their penis know perfectly what they want and they already have their ideas about the importance of penis enlargement. We don't need to tell if it matters or not or how. If they want to join, they will. Instead, or goal is to give valuable and impartial information about the truth of the topic from the point of view of our knowledge and experience with penis enlargement.

So, we will repeat the question: does the penis size really matter? It depends on how you consider it. And our answer will not conflict with our views. It's true that many women feel attracted to a big penis. It's also true that most men would be happier, more self confident and proud, if they had a bigger penis, especially those who always felt inadequacy about their sizes. But, there is a but.

The importance of the size of the penis still remains relative. Physiologically, size does not really matter. This website already mentioned in other pages that the vagina is a potential space, the vaginal orifice is rarely deeper than 5 inches and it's able to adapt itself to objects of any size (up to some upper limit, sure). It's true that there are bigger or deeper vaginas, but women, when they masturbate, are able to get pleasure even with their own finger, which is much smaller than any penis. They may even get an orgasm easier using their finger than being penetrated, because they often master their own rhythms better than a man and they perfectly know when they are enough aroused for this. Thus, even the most dilated vagina can reach an orgasm with a simple finger, or with the handle of a brush or even with a carrot. Don't forget it again.

And that's not all. Even from the attraction point of view, a woman looks at a man as a whole, she gets aroused by him in his totality, not by a single detail of him or because he has a big penis or any other single aspect, contrary to what happens in many men, who can get aroused by a breast two sizes bigger than the standard. For a woman, a simple physical attribute is not enough to get aroused. The female arousal starts from the whole figure - including personality - not a single detail. Maybe this one may make the difference in a crucial moment. But it will never replace the whole thing. The female arousal has an emotional nature which is stronger than any visual stimuli, which could also matter, sure, but only when it's endorsed by emotional factors. On the other hand, when the important factors are missing or lacking, even Rasputin's penis may leave a woman totally indifferent or even it may scare her.

Now, let's talk about sexual sensations. Most women are especially sensitive in their clitoral area, so a larger penis may only make an orgasm easier in certain sexual positions, which are totally superfluous. Even vaginal women usually are sensitive only in the first 3/4 of their vaginal entrance, so roughly at the G spot location. In this case as well, the size of the penis does not seem to have a lot of influence.

Since we have seen that vagina is a potential space, its dilatation capability is variable and never the same. It may change even during the same intercourse, because at the beginning the vagina is usually narrower than after 10 minutes of penetration! Therefore, if your penis is thick or slim, it doesn't make any difference!

The logic conclusion is that from the functional point of view, the size of the penis really doesn't matter, not at all. Any man, if he's able to emotionally turn on a woman, will completely satisfy her, in spite of the size of his penis. A monster penis may drive a woman crazy if she is already aroused, but would rather scare any other. Nothing more. And this is not good. So, if you are not able to arouse a woman, your big penis will not worth at all! And you are reading this in a site that promotes natural penis enlargement techniques.


So Why Anyone Should Enlarge his Penis?

We also have to look the reality from the other side. You don't need to have green eyes to make a woman fall in love with you, even if that woman always liked green eyes. A charming man, even with black or blue eyes may do it as well. But this doesn't mean that green eyes don't have any importance. If we have them, why wouldn't we use them? The same thing is true for the penis. Even if the size of the penis doesn't matter, we can't say that a big penis is bad. Even if it only means more confidende for us, it's a confidence we love to have and, just for that, it's worth having a big penis.

Still, the importance of having a big penis is purely aesthetic, cosmetic. It may even be practical in some contexts, because a bigger penis makes some sexual positions easier, especially in the case where a woman has a dilated vagina. Furthermore, even if a big penis may be used to arouse better, this is not the main factor, ok, but it still has its own importance. A big penis is not a warranty you will date more, but it's is definitively impressive, when major emotional obstacles don't exist. Sure, the penis is not a means of seduction, since, at the time when a woman finally see your penis, you already have seduced her. Indeed the penis is the last thing a seduced woman will see or know. Think about it. And still, the fact of having a big bump through the pants makes us feel much better. And once a woman is seduced, there is nothing better than feeling confident about the fact that she will not be deceived and she will never "laugh" at you because of your penis.

Furthermore, who said that a big penis leave women indifferent? Sure, we have said earlier that any penis may arouse, give pleasure or even an orgasm to a woman. We have already said that even a finger could do that. But a bigger penis could do that too. Having this on your side is a sure bet. A big penis is not a mandatory or a must have, but we can exploit it at our favor, if we have it, to awake a woman's imagination even more. Yes, I have said that a woman see a man in his whole and not because of a single detail. But this doesn't mean we can't or we shouldn't valorize our best things. If a big penis is one of our main advantage, nothing prohibits us to show it off!

The most important thing is that the penis is not like the stature, the color of the eyes or the physical structure, all things difficult or even impossible to change. The penis may be changed, actually, it may be enlarged! Sure, we will not undergo a surgical intervention just to improve a so marginal aspect, but why not make it bigger if we could do it through a physical and natural training?

For all these reasons we have always sustained and we continue arguing that the size of the penis has its own importance and it is worthwhile to improve it, especially if we could do it in such an easy and safe way.

A large penis is not the big deal, and we say it very confidently, but it's never bad to have it.

A. Langueduc


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