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How to Measure the Pénis?

This page contains all the informations to know how measure the penis effectively.

Despite the penis has irregular dimensions and they largely depend on the erection state, measuring it is simpler than it seems. Indeed, it's one of the easiest things we could do. Nevertheless, the results of measurements may change enormously according to the way you proceed. For this reason, there is a standard way to do it, which follows determined principles and conditions which make a big difference when you get the right measurement. Without an established rule to take penis dimensions, everybody could do it in a different way, making it impossible to establish any evaluation about average sizes, comparations, etc.

Among others things, men interested on penis enlargement and who follow a penis development program have to take special attention in the way they measure it, but especially, once adopted a given method they must keep it during the whole program, otherwise the achieved results wouldn't be trustworthy.

Most penis enlargement websites provide a page like this one, but they put it in the member zone only, that is, inside the program. However, since it doesn't make sense to us to protect such basic information, we have put this page in the public zone with the aim to make it useful for everybody, both to the visitors and our members. Let's discuss now about the various standard methods and their constitutions measuring the penis correctly.

It's known that when taking the measurements we have to take two parameters into account: the penis length and its thickness, that is, its circumference. We could also measure it in terms of diameter, however, this parameter is almost never taken, and this for two reasons: first, having the circumference, we also have the diameter, because:

diameter = circunference divided by π

Second, is the circumference and not the diameter which may give the best idea of a penis thickness and the impact it may have in sexual intercourses.

When talking about sizes, we normally refer to the size of an erected penis, rather than a flaccid one. When someone says "I have a 6 inches penis" it's obvious that he means the length of his erected penis. The same is valid with the circumference. Generally, when talking about the length or the thickness, we are talking about erected penis sizes. Normally, this information is perfectly enough. However, when we are following a penis enlargement program, we are also interested on flaccid sizes, since the exercises also have an impact on flaccid states. Consequently, in this page, we refer to both measurements, either in terms of erected and flaccid. Nevertheless, keep in mind that the size of a flaccid penis is not accurate because it may vary a lot depending on climatic, emotional or other factors. Therefore, the measurements that matter are these of a penis in erection. Thus we will discuss both methods.

How to Measure a Penis in Erection

Measuring the Length

To measure length of your penis we usually use a small hard ruler. The ruler, in order to give exact measurements, should be about an inch longer than the actual penis size. Put the base of your ruler at one side of your penis, exactly in the point of union between your penis and the pubic bone. The ruler must be placed as shown in the figure.

How to measure the penis
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If your penis is curved, unbend it, because curvatures don't count as accurate and exact measurements are taken without them.

When measuring your penis, keep in mind the following rules:

  1. You have to stay standing up with the penis perpendicular to your body.
  2. Unbend the penis in order to prevent that any curvature may influence the result.
  3. Press the ruler against your pubic bone, at the penis right (or at the left, it doesn't matter), keeping the rule in a middle height in respect to penis thickness.
  4. Take the measure up to the tip of the glans and possibly put another ruler above the tip of your penis, so the perpendicularity with the first rule may help you to better determine the exact measure.
  5. Write down the result. Perhaps try to take the measure several times to find the more accurate value. You can also compute an average value between several sample values. If you are follwing a penis enlargement program, repeat the measurement every 15 or 20 days.

Measuring the Circumference of an Erected Penis

The problem here is that the penis circumference is not the same all along its length. Normally the penis is thicker in the base and the thickness will reduce a little before reaching the glans. Most penis enlargement sites suggest to take the measurement in the middle, however the most correct one is in the point of maximum thickness, because this value is the one determining the maximum dilatation of vagina during penetration. In most cases, it is in the base of the penis where the circumference is bigger. If you have this conformation, measure yourself in this area. If not, simply measure your pmc (point of maximum circumference). The penis circumference is taken with a soft measuring tape. Here are the steps to follow:

  1. You could measure the circumference either sitting down or standing up, even if some people state that the most comfortable position is standing up.
  2. Measure the pmc of your penis, use a nail or a marker to mark the point where the beginning of the tape meets the corresponding value.
  3. Write down the result. Maybe take this measurement more than once to ensure the most accurate value, or use an average value of yours attempts. If you are following a penis enlargement program, repeat the measuring every 15-20 days.

Measuring a Flaccid Penis

As we have said, when talking about measurements, we usually mean the size of an erected penis. Anyway, for those following an enlargement program, measuring the flaccid state is important as well.

Measuring the Length of a Flaccid Penis

The method is the same used with an erected penis. Keep pressing the public bone with the rule in a side of the penis and you should simply keep your member in a stable position, so as to have an accurate measurement. Don't stretch it, since the standard measurement should always match with the size in its natural state, that is, the same as a dangling penis.

Measuring the Thickness if a Flaccid Penis

In this state, the circumference tends to be uniform and you could possibly measure it in any point. In some cases, the glans is bigger than the rest. If it's your case, then your pmc will be your glans.

More Than Measurements: Don't Trust Optical Illusions!

Even when your ruler tells the truth, lots of men are not pleased. There is, in fact, an optical illusion which contributes even more in making us believe that our penis is smaller than other's. This happens to everyone. People are used to make assumptions about their penis by lowering their head and looking at it. However, from the top (that is, looking at it this way), the penis appears to be smaller in realation to someone looking at it from the front or sideways. To avoid this inconvenience, just look at yourself naked in the mirror. Then, your penis will look bigger and it will not be an illusion. You will look at it like someone looking at it in front of you.

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