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The Other Methods to Enlarge the Penis

All the other famous and infamous methods to increase the size of the penis. Here, we will give an help - as impartial as possible - to determine which method is the more effective.

  • The other natural methods.
  • The pirate methods.
  • The authentic methods.
  • The artificial or mechanic methods.
  • A lot of visitores have asked us information about the other existing methods to enlarge the penis, aside from the natural one. This page will answer everyone curiosity and especially provides a good orientation between so much methods. Sure, our main interest is to sell the natural method. But this is not just another page to try to convence you to discard any other non natural (or even natural) method. Instead, we have an even stronger interest that your choice is fine and accurate, so to avoid provem and useless misleadings.

    We also get questions about the difference between the naturals methods themselves, why there are so many methods and, especially, why there are so much difference of prices between one and another. With so many choice, it is natura that you get confused and that you have afraid to make a bad choice.

    In order to clarify all of this, we will begin to discuss about the other existing natural methods. Then, we will discuss about all other existing ones.

    The Other Natural Methods

    4-big-penis.com is not the only penis enlargement program. There is a great number of similar programs, especially in English, but also in several other languages. It's natural to ask oneself what is the difference between a program and another and, especially, which programs are really worthy.

    Although there are many penis development programs, very few of them are really genuine and of good quality.

    Most penis enlargement programs copy each other, they are not really guaranteed by credited companies and they often belong to individuals having no knowledge about the topic at all. These sites simply contain a summary of original ones and sometimes they are quick translations of them, they don't provide exact and accurate information, notions are poorly expressed, exercises are badly explained. Furthermore, the multimedia content is copied elsewhere and support is lacking.

    How to Distinguish Between Quality Sites and Pirate Ones?

    At first glance it seems difficult to distinguish, but, after a little checking, it's easy enough to determine if a penis enlargement site contains a serious program or not. Here are some guidelines which may help you to distinguish pirate sites:

    • Sites that do not belong to enterprises. There are three ways to determine them:
      1. First of all, by finding company data in the pages of these sites. If these references are missing or a company is not mentioned, the site belongs to an individual.
      2. By checking the "whois" database, if a site belongs to a company, this is always specified in the information provided by the whois, unless the site has a private registration (such as "Domain by Proxy", for example), which is not bad, but in this case, you cannot use this method.
      3. By observing the payment methods. If the page doesn't use a secure connection, if it only offer payments such as AlloPass and you cannot trust it really, it's unlikely that the site belongs to a credited company.

      In general, if a site doesn't belong to an enterprise, it's most probably a pirate site.

    • Sites giving access uniquely through a dialer (pay per connection). These sites are not very serious, the very fact of providing a dialer as the only way to give access, demonstrates their lack of professionalism. Dialers may be useful in porn sites, where people pay to download stuff, but a penis enlargement program requires constant consulting, and, especially, patience and time. Furthermore, any amateur may put a dialer in his site, whereas only a serious company can afford honest and secure payment methods, such as wire transfers or credit cards ones. Sure, a penis enlargement site can always offer a dialer as an alternative option for these wanting to give a glance to the program before signing-up, but it cannot offer it as the only way to access the program.
    • Sites having contents (partial or total) identical to other sites. We often pick some sites using our same words and sentences as contents and we already have taken measures against them. But, in general, such examples may especially be found in "doctor's recommendation" pages, particularly these mentioning the mysterious physician Micheal A. Carter, who seems to recommend everybody's sites. Some years ago, an article was published by this physician and since then, thousand of web sites used this article to promote theirselves. Surely, it's about invented recommendations and pirate sites.
    • Sites using images that you have already seen in other sites. Sometimes, the text of these images is in a foreign language, this is very typical of web sites written in languages other than English and translated from English. But this is the evidence that the webmaster has copied these images from another site without even worrying to modify them to translate the texts. If you see such sites, there are strong probabilities that they are pirate.
    • This also occurs with sites containing sentences and phrases in other languages. This typically occurs with sites written in other languages than English, they usually contain lots of "anglicisms". This fact is more rare with English sites, but it can be noticed sometimes.
    • Sites that promise prostate cancer prevention. No exercise may prevent a cancer. Once more, it's almost sure that this site is pirate, because an authentic site will never do such a mistake promising such an impossible thing.
    • Sites promising impossible results in short time or even normal results in two weeks. The penis enlargement exercises give results proportional to the initial size and these results depend case by case. So, it's impossible to claim things such as "your penis will increase x inches in y months". There is no exercise able to give any result in two weeks, especially talking about penis dimensions. There isn't any body part that may be developed so fast, human metabolism has its rules and you should train at least for three months in order to begin seeing any result. Once more, if the authors of these sites were aware of that, they would never promise miracles.
    • Sites having very high prices or acrobatic domain names, for example www.increasethesizeofyourpenisnow.com, in order to optimise their searching results in search engines (this is an old practice, now penalized by all the search engines). In the best scenario it's pure amateurism.
    • Sites expressing incredible statistic data such as "85% of women never reach orgasm" or "100% of men have a penis weaker than the one they might have". It's clearly invented data aimed to worry you and push you to sign-up.
    • Sites claiming that their methods are doctor's approved. Some sites, especially in English, mention Dr. Brian Richards who, at the end of the sixties, would have conducted a study in England demonstrating that the natural methods of penis enlargement worked for 87% of cases. Nevertheless, if you browse the net and you make a search on Dr. Brian Richards, you will notice that the only sites mentioning him are penis enlargement sites. There is not any other source about this study because if otherwise, it would be documented in some authority place. No physician has approved any natural penis enlargement method yet, since it is not a medical therapy, but just a training and personal development activity, with no relation to medicine. Then, all the informations appealing to medical recognition are false.

    Our site was among the first pioneers of penis enlargement. Our program is guaranteed by an enterprise, Ionenet S.A., which ensures its authenticity and functionality and also a great quality in terms of contents and support. We are online since many years in several languages and we've satisfied thousands of customers all around the world. You can trust our experience and competence.

    What is the Real Difference Among the Various Penis Enargement Site and How to Explain the Price Differences?

    Up to now, we have not answered these questions. In accordance with what we've already told, the facts about penis enlargement are the following: genuine site had directly developed their sites or they have bought the rights to resell the workouts inside them. They also have engaged specialists on the matter, working on the contents and assisting customers. While pirate sites are simply copies of other sites, often copies of other copies and produced by incompetent people. Consequences are obvious: all the penis enlargement sites have a very similar content, workouts and program. We can see the main difference only in the quality of their contents, the skills to expose the matter and explain exercises in deep, with knowledge and completeness. Also, multimedia content will increase the value of any given site, because it show exactly how to perform each workout. Therefore the more a site is complete, the more it is good. It may have new and unique content which also increase its value. The completeness of a site is an important indicator of quality. We must also take into account that most bad sites expose matters in a disorganized way, they are difficult to read because they completely lack of structure and the reader will tire and discourage very quickly. Clarity and structure are extremely important factors; the best of results depends on it.

    When a program has a greater price, this doesn't necessarily mean that it has more value. You will find sites wanting to sell their product for more than 100 euros without having any contents justifying it. Be careful and don't trust sites having a very high price.

    And now, let's talk about methods not based on natural exercises. We will discuss about their potentialities and risks.

    The No-Natural Methods to Enlarge the Penis

    Extenders and Vacuum Pumps

    The extender and the vacuum pump are perhaps the most ancient and known methods to enlarge the penis. They exploit a process similar to natural exercises, that is, perform a pressure on the corpora cavernosa in order to dilate them.

    Giving a far analogy, it's like to employ a machine to stretch muscles. The human body is a very sensitive organism, granting it to a machine is rarely a good idea. The extender is a mechanic device making pressures on your penis, these ones are out of your control, you will not be able to apply the same controlled force you can only apply with your hands. By using this device you will have much more probabilities to get injured. Furthermore, this method is not so effective, it only gives temporary and partial results.

    And finally, the price of any extender is insanely high, too high for a so uncertain method. sure, unless you are ready to submit yourself to the sacrifice to put your penis under vacuum every day, why not use the natural method, which is less expensive, less painful and less risky? And which is especially more effective?

    The Stretchers

    Stretchers are devices whose goal is to enlarge the penis by the principle of traction. This may be achieved either by stretching the penis with a special harness or, more rudimentarily, by appending weights to the penis. Stretchers must be dressed constantly... and it's not true that they are comfortable. Once more it's about a mechanical gimmicks, which may be hardly used with clothes without people noticing them and it has nothing natural, to the point that it may cause damages or dangerous side effects to the penis.

    Although the weights idea is the first one coming in mind when thinking about penis enlargement (and despite that many tribes in the words use these methods at their own risks (see the penis lengthening page)), the very probable damages don't compensate the doubtful results. Furthermore, the traction principle Furthermore, the principle is only valid in penis length and not in a proportional and balanced penis enlargement. There is no traction - even admitting it's safe) could take effect on the thickness of anything. Try to extend a rubber band, a chord, anything flexible and you will see that the more you stretch it, the more it will make thin. This is a physical reality that nobody could question. And this is exactly what most stretchers vendors promise you: you will thick your penis by stretching it. That's pure legend.

    Nevertheless, if you have a penis thicker than long, you always can use a stretcher, but you still are exposed to all the involved risks. But, why use expensive devices (some of them will cost up to the incredible price of 400 USD!!!), when you can use natural techniques allowing you to get the same results, without damages, with more guarantees, more control and, especially, more affordably?

    The Weights to Make the Penis Stronger

    Similar to stretchers but more rude. We discommend them absolutely, since they have no effect at all. The penis is not a muscle. It cannot be strengthened or enlarged by lifting weights. The penis is made up of corpora cavernosa and corpus spongiosum, it's a cardiovascular system, and only by working at internal blood level, we can get an effective size increase. So, lifting any weight with an erected penis will only cause tiredness and will inflame perineal muscles. Appending any weight to the penis, will only damage the corpora cavernosa or the penile nerve, causing impotence or insensitivity.

    The Pills to Enlarge the Penis

    Most of these pills contains active principles (or more exactly herbs) similar to these discussed in our aphrodisiac guide (the member zone version is much more wide). Lots of these herbs are available in any herbalist's shop or in any dietary supplement store, much cheaper. Furthermore, these products alone don't enlarge the penis. Some of them are peripheral vasodilatory and they can help improving erections at most, this making the penis enlargement exercises easier. Others of these supplements stimulate the natural hormone production or they regulates nitrogenous levels. But all this is only effective on libido, not no penis size. Some others more will favor fertility, but, one more, not the size of the phallus.

    No pills in the world can increase the penile size. While hormones are only effective on teenagers, they have no effect on the penis of adult person.

    If we use pills as a dietary supplements, you should make sure they are 100% natural. Some vendors will try to sell you vasodilatory drugs that a physician will never recommend you (drugs should be only taken when you have health problems and only when they are absolutely required, never as a dietary supplements!), and which may seriously damage your health. You have been warned!!

    Most pills vendors ensure that their product is approved by the physician, but this is only a partial truth. In fact, the doctor only approves that these pills are not drugs and therefore they are riskless. But the seller doesn't provide these details, he will tell you that they are effective, while they are only not dangerous.

    The Surgery to Incrase the Penis

    This is probably the only method that, for obvious reasons, is approved by physicians, and, we should say, only by some of them, because others would never do it, unless you have serious micro-penis issues. Despite of that, a lot of men believe that it's the only effective method. But, almost everybody who support it, are aesthetic surgery specialists, or affiliate of these. Both have a string interest to say that these methods are the only ones that work.

    Surgery is based on two principles: in the penis lengthening context, the suspensory ligament is usually cut; whereas in the penis thickening context body fats or some other gummy synthetic are introduced into the penis.

    Surgery consequences:

    In the length scenario, your penis will seem one or two centimeters larger, but only in a flaccid state, because, if you still can get erection, they will be weak and precarious. Most surgeon suggest to attach weights on the penis after the surgery, because with the time the cut suspensory ligament tends to reconstitute itself, giving back the same length you had before the surgery, or making it even shorter.

    In the thickness scenario, introducing gummy substances or fats in the penis will not benefit you at all, since everything you might gain in thickness (and it will be not much) will be lost in potency. The penis is made up of spongy tissues and nature has not made it to contain fats or other substances. Just figure yourself all the possible consequences...

    We have the following advice about surgery: it gives almost never the expected results and any possible gain will be very expensive. The price of a surgery is outrageous (up to $15000!), furthermore there are strong possibilities of side effects, and it's also very painful and brutal. It involves endless convalescences on a bed hospital, many possible infections and lots of sacrifices, not only economical. Worth it?

    If you have an average size and you just want to have it bigger for aesthetic reasons, never go see a surgeon, you will take too many risks to improve a situation which, after all, is normal. Choose some natural methods instead and you will get the results you want. If, on the other hand, your penis is too small and it represents for you a real problem, so before considering surgery, try the natural method first. Why wasting a capital and taking big risks if you can get better results naturally? Sure, the natural method is demanding and it will take time and patience, but it's much safer and give much more natural results.


    Consider surgery only as a last resort and only if - having very serious problems - not any other method has worked.


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