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Muira Puama

the Muira Puama is the natural equivalent to the blue pill.

The Muira Puama contains the sildenafil citrate, the same active principle of the blue pill. It is a good integrator to penile development exercises and it increase the sperm quantity.

Muira Puama, a good remedy to erectile problems

Muira puama is a natural compound derived from a small brazilian tree of which it takes its name. The plant is also called marapuama, even if its botanical name is ptycopetalum oilacoides benth and belongs to olacaceaes family.

This tree grows up to 5 meters of high and produces white flowers, similar to jazmin. But the parts used for its therapeutical effects are especially the barks and the root. The muira puama is a natural alternative to Viagra, since its active principle is similar to sildenafil citrate, which is the active principle used in Viagra pills.

Popularly known as "potency wood", this small brazilian tree has been used for centuries in South America to treat impotence and drastically increase the masculine libido. It's said that all men taking the product get huge erections and insatiable desires. Their sexual intercourses last many hours and they can have many orgasms, even after the last drop of sperm. Morevoer, muira puama, unlike sildenafil, increases sperm production.

Of course, we cannot 100% trust whatever is popularly believed, but recent researches have demonstrated that muira puama is rich in acids, oils, sterols and other vegetable chemical compounds, with beneficial effects over desire and potence. Aside from the already mentionned murapuanina, it's still not known exactly why these elements are effective, but it seems that some of them may have direct impacts over dopamine(1), noradrenalin(2) and serotonin(3), stimulating the genital terminal nerve and increasing sexual hormone production, such as testosterone. Furthermore the muirapuamine results to be alpha blocker and vasodilatory.

The muira puama was known in Europe only at about the year 1920. In 1925 a phramacological study was published demostrating its efficacy to treat nervous, libido and sexual problems. In 1930, some experiments, conducted in France by Dr. Rebourgeon, have confirmed the product efficacy, especially regarding gastrointestinal and circulatory asthenia and impotence problems treatments (even if only when Viagra was released, we got concluding proofs over it).

The muira puama has been used in England and also recognized by the British Association of Natural Medicines, who recommends it as a good impotence treatment. On the other hand, in Brazil, even if it has been used for centuries, it was recognized by official medicine and integrated in brazilian pharmaceutical industry only lately.

In the various stidies made over this product, it resulted that muira puama can improve libido up to 85%, increase the frequency of sexual intercourses up to 100% and guarantee the capacity of keeping an erection up to 90% of the cases.

But, aside from its positive influences on sex, muira puama also resulted successful in other disorders treatments, such as asthenia, paralysis, chronic rheumatisms, fever, ataxia, premenstrual syndromes, depression, anxiety and many other central nervous system problems.

Browsing the history as a famous aphrodysiac, muira puama has definitively demonstrated to be a real natural medicine, another one as miraculous as Viagra, but without its negative side effects.

And finally, muira puama is available either in capsules or as soluble liquid. Some people claim that the liquid form is more efficacious than the dry equivalent. But it can be found also in its original version, thus, in dry roots to be taken as a tea.

The suggested doses could be 1.5 grams daily or a third part of a glass, if taken as a tea. However, since each manufacturer and seller may use different concentrations of the compound, always follow the specific product indications in order to know the right dosis.

The suggested doses could be 1.5 grams daily or a third part of a glass, if taken as a tea. However, since each manufacturer and seller may use different concentrations of the compound, always follow the specific product indications in order to know the right dosis.

The muira puama is usually available at herbalist's shops or online.

(1) (chemistry) It's a catecholamine which, in upper animals, carries out, as a neurotransmitter, important functions in central nervous system. In man, its deficiency causes the Parkinson disease.. {back to top}
(2) (chemistry) It's a catecholamine which acts as a neurotransmitter of the sympathetic nervous system, precursory of adrenaline in the suprarenal gland core part. Synonym of norepinephrine. {back to top}
(3) (chim.) (chemistry) Substance distributed in all animal species, with antihaemorrhagic and protective action on capillaries; it's one of the chemical mediators of inflamatory processes and it's a central nervous system neurotransmitter. {back to top}


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