Doctor Approved?

Important Notice, Please Read Carefully

Some of our visitors are asking us about the natural penis enlargement method and its effectiveness. These doubts are mainly due to the fact that most physicians and some web sites about medicine don't recognize the effectiveness of the penis enlargement natural method, whereas most sites like this one (but not this one), are ensuring that their method is doctor approved, they even put a medical recommendation page. The number of divergent opinions and assertions over the penis enlargement matter has only worked to increase the confusion, hiding the reality. To put it clear, it's obvious that at least our site must clarify its position precisely.

First of all, the natural penis enlargement method has nothing to do with medicine. In none of the pages of our site we mention that our program has medical purposes and we don't state anywhere that it's approved by physicians. Most penis enlargement websites state claim the opposite. And this make lots of doubts and criticism coming from health based sites.

The penis enlargement natural method is not recognized or approved by medicine, it never has been the case. Stating the opposite is simply lying, not only in respect to natural method, but also in respect to any other method: no penis enlargement method such as extenders, pumps, pills, stretchers, etc, are recognized by physicians, the only exception is the surgery, which is obvious. And that's not all: medicine never has dealt with the matter, doctors never have made any study in that respect. A physician cannot, logically, recognize something that was never scientifically studied or proven.

Then, what's the truth? How do we explain our position? Why we are saying something against us? And, especially, how do we guarantee that this method will work and will not cause side effects?

First of all, let's begin to talk about side effects: a physician may not recognize the method effectiveness, ok, but any physician may guarantee you that these natural exercises don't cause damages unless they are performed with a completely erected penis (and that must be avoided). And regarding the method effectiveness, the answer is a bit more complex and a small digression is needed: first, the main role of medicine is to preserve people's health. Medicine only deals with the clinical and therapeutical side of the body, its interests range is limited to:

  1. the health control
  2. the cure of diseases and injuries, the solutions of health problems through medicinal intakes, treatments or surgical operations
  3. prevention

And that's already enough medicine has so much business with these matters (very vast and absolutely not mastered yet), that it cannot deal with marginal aspects like beauty, shape and personal development. The only health prevention requires so much effort, investment and studies that there is no space left for anything else.

But, the well-being is not limited to health. A physician may help you feel well, but he'll not go beyond that, except if it's a matter of aesthetical surgery, which is a big business and which it's done with a single operation. Medicine doesn't deal with personal development or form improvement. Sure, physicians may suggest you something without actually recognizing it as a therapy and may perfectly ignore many others. For example, most natural remedies are not recognized by official medicine. Some arts which improve health, such as the Tai Chi, the acupuncture, the Shiatsu, the Qi Gong, the chiropractic and many others, were not recognized many years ago and some still are not. There are a great number of disciplines and remedies, which, in spite of their effectiveness, are not (or were not) recognized by physicians. And often these remedies don't even have any relation to health, but only with personal development.

The explanation is evident: a physician may do a diagnostic or recommend something, let's say, a drug, a treatment or even a diet. It's a cause-effect relation. Whereas personal development doesn't necessarily work the same way, an improvement often requires a preparation, a specific training after which we could see results. This involves an active participation from the interested person and progress depends on the quality of his/her application. Furthermore, a physician cannot approve something not clinically experienced or not confirmed by scientific studies. But this doesn't exclude that a natural remedy, proved and confirmed by its use and old traditions passed on in centuries, cannot, possibily for less cost, give similar or better results than those obtained by a clinical criterion.
In fact, in many cases most natural programs effectiveness was eventually recognized. Nowadays, some arts like the chiropractic, the Tai Chi, or the acupuncture have gained so much popularity that, they enjoy medical recognition even if they're not proven by science.

Natural penis enlargement techniques are based on principles transmitted by ancient cultures, therefore based on ancient traditional methods, proven by the use and only recently discovered in today's world. Nowadays there are less taboos and the sexual identity is more set off, so, there is a greater number of men wanting to improve their sexuality and increase the dimensions of their penis. Apart from everything, the penis enlargement techniques have been always hindered by men's inhibition to admit their desire to increase the penile sizes. The internet has made things easier in rediscovering these techniques, thanks to the privacy and the unconditional anonymity it offers.

En définitive, il faut aussi ajouter que les méthodes d'agradissement du pénis qu'on trouve sur internet, même en fonctionnent, elles constituent un phénomène nouveau et sujet à beaucoup d'abus. L'agrandissement du pénis naturel circule dans internet depuis le début des années quatre-vingt-dix. De centaines de sites s'occupent de l'argument (même si beaucoup sont de qualité médiocre) et de milliers d'hommes ont suivi la méthode. Si tout cela était faux, aurait-il dure jusqu'à aujourd'hui?

Penis enlargement methods, even if they work, constitute a new phenomenon which is not free of abuses. The penis enlargement matter has been circulating in internet since the early 1990. Hundreds of sites are devoted on the topic (even if the quality of most of them is mediocre), and thousand of men have used these techniques. The penis enlargement mania would not have last to nowadays if the methods were wrong.

To conclude, just consider this method as is: a personal improvement method. If you have any urological problem, just see a doctor, we will not be helpful on this matter. Our goal is to improve your sexual life by practical techniques, prepared with passion by experts. Our main concern is not to diagnostic a problem, but to help you increasing your sexual pleasure, your sexual life in the practics; a knowledge transmitted from a man to another.

For more details or questions contact us. You will get an answer quickly.