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Male Multiple Orgasms

The only penis improvement website offering a complete section on technique to have male multiple orgasms!

  • Learn to have several successive orgasms.
  • Learn to get a lot of orgasms without ejaculating.
  • A serie of concrete exercises without sterile theories.
  • Learn how to dissociate orgasm from ejaculation.
  • The art of having male multiple orgasms

    Many women dream about a super lover who lasts hours and hours. Many women also dream about a partner able to give them an orgasm each time they make love. But, there are much more men than woman dreaming to give them all these pleasures and to make their desires come true. But, can they do it?

    In this program on penis enlargement we speak a lot about techniques solving the premature orgasm problem, or at least, lasting sexual intercourses. However, not all men want to solve the problem this way. There are many whom, instead of delaying an orgasm until boredom in order to adapt to women's rhythms, prefer to have various orgasms, so to make the satisfaction totally mutual.

    A multiorgasmic man is simply a guy able to have several orgasms one after another without getting tired and without experiencing the typical effects of non-desire right after an ejactulation. Such a man can easily have sex without stopping between an orgasm and another. Some men are born with this skill, but there are thousand others that have learnt it.

    In fact, the trick is not about taking hormones and ejaculating multiple times: it's precisely about having orgasms without ejaculating and ejaculating only when you decide to do it! And this is perfectly possible, because ejaculation is only the consequence of an orgasm and it's not part of it. This is the explanation of the mystery.

    At first glance, the male multiple orgasms history is hard to believe. Nevertheless, most sex specialists confirm that orgasm and ejaculation are not the same thing, even if they can occur at the same time. Ejaculation is only a physiological consequence of the orgasm, it's not the cause (and any sexologist may confirm it).

    In the male multiple orgasms part of this part, you will learn how to separate these two events and so have various orgasms by ejaculating only once, when you decide when to come.

    After all, multiple orgasms have a perfectly natural explanation and they also are applied in some oriental doctrines, such as the Tantra or the Tao of sex, but the way to process may vary from one to another. Chinese Tao base its vision of sex over these techniques. The goal is always the same. Orgasm and arousal are physically triggered events and in these events the muscles constituting the sexual apparatus play a central role. By learning to control these muscles and exploiting them according to your convenience, you can not only have more control over a sexual intercourse, but also separate the orgasm and the ejaculation completely.
    At the end of the section (member zone) we'll also provide some bibliographic sources, allowing you to investigate even further. And, last but not least, once you master these techniques, your understanding of sex potential and richness will change forever.

    Warning: some penis enlargement web sites talk about male multiple orgasms in relation with Tantra techniques. But our male multiple orgasms section is not related with Tantra or inspired from it. And neither with the Tao. Tantra, Tao and so on, are disciplines requiring a spiritual formation and appropriate techniques. Our techniques, even if they might seem similar to the ones used by tantrists or taoists, consist in concrete exercises, quick to learn. You will study the physical and physiological realities of your sex and in less than a year you will become multiorgasmic. Also, some penis enlargement websites add Tao and Tantric technique without really master them and from one day to another. They often show theories that really are far from being practical.

    Some Final Considerations About the Program

    Notice that we don't reveal mysteries. We simply offer a bunch of informations that any good sexual education school should provide.
    Unfortunately, when we're talking about sex, there are many things people simply don't know. We don't mean common obvious matters everybody is aware of, but critical notions that sometimes don't even get noticed by sexual specialists. In fact, specialists only care the health side of the sexual apparatus, not the ways to exploit it to achieve someone's sexual happiness.

    All the sections of our program reflect some old and proven notion to exploit a physical aspect in order to get the best of a sexual life.

    If someone tell you things such as you can get a more muscular body by training, or learn to play some instrument or even learn to dive underwater, will you have an hard time to believe it? Sure, you will probably not become a champion or a virtuoso in some speciality, but at least, with a little study and practice, you will eventually get some satisfactory results. Everybody knows that these things are possible because there are people making them happen since long time. With sex, it's the same principle, except that sex has always been a taboo element in any culture and society. There is the difference. For this reason there is still lot of misconception in matters of sex, even nowadays. But question begins to being asked and people are each day more involved in questing solutions.

    So, it's now time to get rid of the ignorance and to begin to fill the lacks once and forever. These techniques will change a lot of things in your sexual life and in what you have always considered about sex.
    This happened to all the men and the women that have worked for and with these techniques and we are sure that this will happen to you too!


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