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Fear on the Shower

The locker room syndrome is one of the modern man's most common problems, a worry which may be displelled with a little sexual education.

The locker room syndrome (penile dysmorphophobia) and its groundlessness

The locker room syndrome, or the shower phobia or also the penile dysmorphophobia is a state where the individual harbours the fear of showing his genitals to mates of the same sex, for example in a locker room or in a shower after a sport. It seems ridiculous to devote a page on this matter, but the locker room syndrome is so common and groundless that it is worth discussing it, because it's at the basis of various complexes and inadequacies about one's penis. It's one of the most typical and common anguish of modern man. We don't know why, but even those who are reasonably "equipped" suffer from this distress. The aim of this page is to clarify some myths and reveal some knowledge which allow to understand and get rid of this worry.

We have already discussed elsewhere on this site, and especially on the page about the average penis sizes, that the size of the penis in a flaccid state may vary in the same individual because of climatic and emotional factors. On the page that discusses on how to measure the penis, we also mention the optical illusions which make the penis perceived differently according to how we are looking at it, from top to bottom or facing it. In this page, we'll explain why, the same penis, when we are looking at it from the top, seems smaller in comparison to it would appear if we are looking at it from the front or the side.

All these factors, but especially our lack of self-confidence, are responsible for the locker room syndrome. It's true that there are men that have a small penis, because they have ascertained it by measuring it. But most of the time, these fears are unfounded.

When comparing our penis to others, except in some evident exceptions, others ones always look bigger that our own one. And this happens even to people that have satisfactory intercourse with their partners and who even receive satisfactory comments about their sexual attributes. Why? Well, as usual, the reason is due to our poor knowledge on sexual education, because by knowing even a minimum of basic physiology about the sexual apparatus, lots of problems and misunderstandings could be avoided.

Let's take an example, let's mention a typical case. We just finished swimming on a cold morning of February and we are entering in a locker room to change our clothes and take a warm shower. Immediately after taking off our tight swimsuit, we notice by looking down that our penis is like a champagne cup, it looks numb and cold, just like the testicles. At the same time, a mate is exiting from a warm shower with a good hanging and swollen penis, it looks big, just like Rocco Siffredi's. And we feel immediately bad. How many people have already experienced something similar?

Well, a common guy with his poor anatomical and physiological penile knowledge would immediately panic and his only thought while having a shower (and even for days or months later), is of not being adequately equipped. The same guy, after his poor show, avoids to repeat the experience and he would always shower with his swimsuit on, looking with envy at his more fortunate mates. Some years after, he would probably make an appointment with his doctor for penile surgery, or he would sign-up to a website like this, or even he will buy some crazy pill to enlarge his penis.

If this same guy were a little less ignorant on these sexual matters, he probably would not run into these misadventures, he would maybe have the same wish to increase the size of his penis, but he would face it in a much more serene and effective way. The truth is that in a similar context, the cold and the stress make the penis smaller and nearer to the body, just like the testicles. Furthermore, in a similar situation, the blood flowing in the penis is minimal, so the penis will reduce to its smallest dimensions. And, to make things even more complicated, the tight swimsuit will not help at all, indeed it will make the penis even more near to the body, making it look even more smaller.

Obviously the situation is not the same when someone exit from the vapors of a warm bath or shower, where we are relaxed and where the higher temperature favors the vasodilatation of the various corpora and arteries of the penis. Even the gestures we make under a shower when we rub our penis and other body parts, will favor a further dilation of our organ. When we come out of a shower, our penis will have a completely different appearance. Sometimes, we even come out with a penis in a state of partial erection, where, even being still flaccid, it will look more swollen and big. Without being hard, it will be in a state of semi-erection. The testicles too will be less near the body and in a hanging state. It is not surprising to see a big and vigorous penis. But be warned: it is the same penis that looked small before entering the shower.

We gave an extreme example to illustrate the idea, but be aware that a flaccid penis may be in a similar state without the need of exiting from a warm shower, it would suffice that the man feeling relaxed enough, maybe after having fitted a larger boxer instead of a tight bathing costume.

Have a try. Next time you enter in a locker room, instead of suffering from the locker room syndrome, notice the same person before and after entering the shower. Or try it on yourself. Look at yourself in a mirror before and after the shower. You will be surprised of what you see.

Aside from the partial erection and the variability of climatic and emotional conditions, we have to add a third point: a flaccid penis that looks big is not necessarily big in erection. There are men that have a small flaccid penis, but they become very big once erected. And there are other men that have a visible penis in flaccid state, but the same penis is not impressive when erected. Thus, even the elasticity and the extensibility of corpora cavernosa and corpus spongiosum of the penis may vary between one man and another.

And voila, the mystery of the locker room syndrome is finally revealed. This doesn't mean that your penis cannot be permanently enlarged or that a good natural penis enlargement program will not help you. We have just said that the extensibility of the penis may vary, but we have to add that through appropriate exercises this elasticity can be modified, enlarging the penis either in a flaccid and erected state. It is precisely on this that our natural penis enlargement program is based. In this case, we just have to start a training exercises to improve aesthetically, we have not necessarily doing it because we feel inadequate or complexed. Most of the time, our fears are unfounded.

In conclusion, it's always better to be aware of the way our reproductive apparatus works in order to avoid running into unnecessary worries. Especially when beginning a program with exercises to enlarge the penis, it's much better to start with serenity in mind, as you will have much better results and thus avoiding useless anxieties.

A. Langueduc


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