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Penis lengthening

This natural penis development method also includes a special section on penis lengthening.

  • Special exercises to naturally lengthen the penis
  • A completely natural penis lengthening, without weights or accessories!
  • For all those who especially want to increase it in length.
  • These exercises are side effect free.
  • Natural Penis Lengthening Exercises

    If there are men wanting a penis thicker than longer, there also are who want a penis longer than thicker, preferring to work especially on the length factor; and, logically, there are also men who, wanting to enlarge the penis, want especially to have it longer. In all these cases, 4-big-penis.com has the appropriate exercises.

    Sure, in this case too, the general natural exercises are also effective on penis lengthening, allowing proportional results. If you want this, then you don't need to do complementary exercises. The inverse is false: if your only goal is the penis lengthening and you are already satisfied of your thickness, you cannot limit to only these exercises, because they only give results when integrated to traditional exercises, which are fundamental. However, many men prefer to put the emphasis on the penis length. For this reason we also have specific penis lengthening exercises and this makes this program even better because not all penis enlargement programs provide so many choices.

    A general purpose natural penis development program could not be considered complete without also including exercises for any requirements.

    The suspensory ligament of the penis
    The suspensory ligament of the penis (click to enlarge)
    The suspensory ligament in more detail
    The suspensory ligament in more detail (click to enlarge)
    The Natural Lengthening Principle

    The penis is fixed by the suspensory ligament on its posterior extremity and also on the ischium-pubic branches of the corpora cavernosa.

    Let's consider the suspensory ligament (see the pictures to have a better idea of its nature and position). The corpora cavernosa are dilatable, then, they don't present difficulties to natural penis enlargement techniques.

    What's the Role of the Suspensory Ligament?

    Sometimes, the penis lengthening effort may be inhibited by a short or little elastic suspensory ligament. This is frequently the case of these men having a penis thicker than longer.

    The surgical method to lengthen the penis consist in cutting a part of this ligament in its connection point with the pubic bone to give a longer appearance. But, it's precisely an appearance, since this lengthening method is only noticeable with a flaccid state and has no effect when erected, simply because cutting the ligament is not enough to lengthen the penis.

    Furthermore, nature has not given a suspensory ligament for nothing. Cutting it is not a solution, it's a maiming of a necessary part of our penis and this may cause side effects, making the organ less stable during sexual intercourses. Besides, it can cause unexpected impotences and, what is worse, the ligament tends to heal over the time and joining again with the pubic bone, consequently making the penis even shorter than before! And for what? Just to have only a bigger appearance???

    Our natural lengthening exercises work over the suspensory ligament with the purpose of stretching it not to harming it, and they produce natural results without any side effect. Furthermore, aside from stretching the ligament, these exercises also act on spongious tissues and corpora cavernosa. We can get real results just by working on the penis and the ligament at the same time. Don't forget that the sexual organ is also made up by corpora cavernosa and spongious tissues and its dimensions (including length) also depend on these factors. Furthermore, the good news is that in these exercises you have the control, by ensuring the effectiveness of the training. A more elastic suspensory ligament facilitates a better increase in length. For this reason, these exercises favor the penis lengthening, but they are not enough without the traditional exercises. These are only a helper exercises, they do not substitute the basic exercises.

    A last advice: we would like to especially remind you that these exercises are a surplus, they are not mandatory in order to have proportional outcomes and they are only useful if you have a special exigency to particularly increase the length of your penis. If this is not your goal, you can perfectly skip them.

    Additional considerations on lengthening the penis

    Our traditional exercises are designed either for the length and for the circumference of your penis. And there are working exercises, they are not exotic rituals whose goals have nothing to do with sex. Let's explain better: since a long time ago, men always struggled to increase penis sizes with any means, some men did it for sexual reasons, other for traditional, religious or honor purposes. For example, some tribal men such as Sudan Arabs, the Karamojong from Uganda and the Sadhus tribes (and also the Kathmandhu (or Katmandu)) from India, used to append weights to their penis (starting with the smallest and lightest weight and passing to the heaviest), obtaining penile lengths up to 17 inches. But careful, these practices carry serious risks, they irremediably injure the penis, making it unusable and useless for sex.

    Many sites promoting natural penis enlargement methods use these examples to confuse the reader, attributing these results to their exercises, and letting the readers assume that these men are sexually superior, without mentioning the truth. Some of them quote sources that are actually referring to a cultural fact of men mutilating themselves for puerile reasons. In short, a curiosity. For example, Karamojong are doing it for ritual; member of Sadhus tribes do it for pseudo-religious matters: they believe that God is located in the penis, then they venerate it and, most particularly, they like to cripple it. While Sadhus are chasing their carnal desires and, in their illumination quest, in order to demonstrate their engagement to other sect members, they voluntarily injure their penis, making it sexually useless. But, the same Sadhus do it for folklorist reasons, in fact they get paid to exhibit with weight superior to 66 pounds (or more) hanged to their penises! These methods make the penis longer, but hanging a heavier weight has the effect to progressively carry the serious risk of lacerating penile nerves, injuring the penile internal tissues with two results: make the penis insensitive and unable to get any erection.

    Sure, you don't need to get these dimensions; almost nobody needs them (and even these tribes aren't doing it for sexual reasons).

    Making the penis longer is surely possible, but in order to obtain the results without any risks, you need a lot of control and exercises designed and verified by experts. Modern medicine cannot promise the same results, since no therapy or intervention may give this kind of results that we can only get after a period of training. It's like wishing to be an athlete by undergoing a surgical intervention. Naturally lengthening the penis requires a long training period and it involves practice that must be done carefully. It's not only a matter of stretching the penis excessively (as the mentioned tribes), but it's a question of how to apply the ensemble of the enlarging and stretching techniques in order to favor a penis lengthening more than a penis thickness.


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