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The l-carnitine improves spermatozoons production and motility, therefore it increases fertility, it also boost the volume of ejaculations and, finally, it helps to better metaboizes body fats.

L-carnitine (triméthylaminohydroxybutyrate)

Chemical composition of l-carnitine.

The l-carnitine is an amino acid synthetized by the body in the liver and in the kidney, through two other amino acids (the lysin and the methionine) in presence of vitamins B6, C and iron. It can also be assimilated through the diet. The letter "L" refers to its particular chemical polarity.

Its role in the body is to make the passage of lipids chains (fat substances) easier, through the mitochondrion membranes, turning them available for the beta-oxidation. Thanks to the l-carnitine, fats are metabolized faster and, from their destruction, the body takes the necessary energy to supply itself. In other terms, the l-carnitine forces our body to get energy from fat burning without the catabolic muscle loss. The l-carnitine is particularly important in all the organs requiring a lot of energy, particularly the heart, the muscles and the brain. For this reason it's assumed that the product helps improving general physical performances.

In fact, the L-Carnitine is used in sports as a dietary supplement. The recommended dosis of 2 grams per day didn't shown significant improvements in performances and nothing proves that higher dosis do it. Nevertheless among the demonstrated effects, it results that the l-carnitine promotes growth and physical development, it's useful in the treatment of cardiac ischaemia and in peripherical atheropathies, which decreases triglycerides and increases levels of the good cholesterol (the HDL(1)). The lack of l-carnitine in the body may cause muscular tiredness, cramps and mental confusion. The l-carnitine is very useful for aerobic and resistance sports because it favors the energy from fat burning, saving muscular glucose. This makes understandable why bodybuilders consider it a must have during cutting stages.

Aphrodisiac Properties of L-Carnitine

As an aphrodisiac, the l-carnitine plays a very important role in sperm motility, because it is present in high concentrations in male seminal fluid and it's important in sperm energetic metabolism. That concentration is related with sperm quality. Clinical studies have shown that the supply of l-carnitine over a period of 3 to 6 months may positively modify the sperm concentration and count, and also the percentage of rapid progression spermatozoons as well. The use of l-carnitine is recommended to people who want improve their reproductive health. Therefore, it's another useful product to increase the quantity of sperm for all those who are not satisfied with the density and the volume of their ejaculations.

Therapeutical Indications

It can be used as a dietary supplement, even if it's also available and prescribed as a drug, when indicated to treat male fertility problems.


It should not be taken by epileptic subjects, or in cases of any protein food allergy, such as eggs, milk, wheat or in cases of poor nutrition for whatever reasons. In some people, it may cause gastrointestinal disorders. No any others side effects are known. It's necessary to specify that the supply should be limited (if not under careful prescription) in DL form (dl-carnitine) due to its possible toxicity (a modest myasthenia was revealed in uraemic subjects); it's therefore preferable to supply in the l-carnitine form.


The L-Carnitine as a dietary supplement product.

Generally the product is available in caps. The dose varies with the manufacturer and everyone's needs. In general, the recommended one is between 500 mg and 6 gr daily, splitting the highest doses over the course of the day.


The l-carnitine is normally available at food supplements resellers. But, being also considered as a drug, you could find it in a drugstore, where a medical prescription would be required.

(1) HDL Cholesterol: It permits catabolism of cholesterol, transporting it to the liver. The greater is the value, the lesser is the risk of atheroschlerosis.
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