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Chemical composition of the l-arginine

La l-arginine augmente la circulation du sang dans le pénis pendant l'excitation sexuelle, la stimulation et le plaisir sexuel chez la femme, elle facilite l'orgasme, elle augmente la production et la concentration des spermatozoïdes, ainsi que le volume des éjaculations.

L-Arginine is an amino acid present in proteins of all forms of life. It can be synthetized in the body, but our body doesn't produce it alone, it must be obtained through the diet. The foods that normally contain l-arginine are nuts, legums, beetrots, onions, grapes, rice, the egg-yolk, and red meats. The main function of the l-arginine in the body is to create the nitric oxide, a substance of great importance in normal sexual functions in both men and women. The nitric oxide is a neurotransmitter involved in a number of physiological processes, such as increasing of blood circulation to the penis during arousal.

The dilation of the blood vessels in the penis is critical to get firm and prolonged erections and it have much to do with the nitric acid production. Studies conducted in both animals and humans have shown that increased levels of l-arginine improve sexual functions.

An insufficient flow of blood in the penis is the greatest cause of total impotences in men. The l-arginine improves such blood flow in the genital area and facilitates more intense, lasting and frequent erections. A similar effect is also produced in women: a greater blood flow make clitoris and vaginal tissues more sensitives and responsives to stimulation, and therefore increases the chances to have orgasms.

As an essential amino acid, the l-arginine plays multiple roles in the body. Aside from its sexual benefits, it also improves the immune system, it increases the production of growth hormones and helps to eliminate the excess ammonia from the body. It's also necessary to increase protein synthesis. And finally, it's essential for mitosis(1), cellular multiplication and increased sperm counts.

The L-arginine is also a promise in the traitement and prevention of cardiovascular diseases, as weel as in certain forms of male infertility and some kidney disorders. Also, this amino acid has been shown to be helpful in accelerating wound healing under some circumstances.

The L-Arginine in form of pills.

As already mentioned, the l-arginine favors the sperm production and health, in fact 80% of the seminal fluid is made up of arginine. Men with low sperm count have reported an increase of it and more fertility after having taken arginine. They also have reported an increased volume of their ejaculations.

Doses of L-Arginine

They depend on the way you take it and the amout of the active principle in a single serving. Follow the indications given by the specific product.


The l-arginine should not be taken by pregnant women, children or by any person having kidney or liver disorders, schizophrenia, rheumatic arthritis, except under medical prescription. Never take this product if you have had any heart problem.


The l-arginine can be prescribed by a physician, or purchased online in controlled doses.

(1) Mitosis: (biol.) The set of nuclear transformations that, during cellular multiplication, allow to maintain a constant number of chromosomes in children cells.
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