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The price to join the program is 35.92 USD (28.20 British Pounds or 32.07 euros). If you use another currency, it will automatically be converted according to the today rate exchange. The access is a life access and involves just one payment. The program subscription gives you a life access, that is, you will have to pay just once. All the subscription methods respect the client's anonymity. Our payment forms are in plain English and also our personalized support.

Furthermore, by joining the program, the user declares to have read our TERMS AND CONDITIONS. A subscription implicitly mean you have accepted these terms.

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This site is responsive. What it mean? Try to resize your browser and you'll see. The page layout and its architecture will change depending of the size of the screen. In other words, it doesn't matter if you are using a big screen desktop monitor, an iPad, an iPhone or even a Nokia N70. You will see this site correctly, regardless of your screen resolution!

Today, an increasing number of users connect to the internet using mobile devices. Not only websites must adapt to this, but they also have to be light, because some devices are using slow connections and many internet providers will charge money depending of the size of the data you download. Everything old is new again! Goodbye flash sites (they will not work on any Apple device) or image based layouts!

It was critical to sacrifice conservative web preferences for today real needs (if we think that some people still use old versions of Internet Explorer, but they are each day fewer). So the liquid technology was born, it's web 3.0 time my friend. This site is not like many others that maintain a desktop and a mobile version. It has just one version that is responsive and will adapt to any screen size.

We have proud to announce that our site is now web 3.0 ready and it looks forward to the future. And we hope you will love it too.