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Guide to sexual impotence, the causes and the possible remedies

This natural program also provides a complete guide about impotence problems and all its possible causes and remedies.

  • The most common causes of impotence.
  • The most common remedies to erection problems.
  • All the new solutions to erectile dysfunction.
  • What kind of remedies? Chemical, therapeutic or natural?
  • The causes and the possible remedies to erectile problems

    Sexual impotence (or erectile dysfunction) has always been the capital problem of male sexuality. The male sex is usually said to be the strong one, but as it's always possible to incur into unexpected erectile problems, we are almost tempted to say it's not that strong. In our sexual performances section we include techniques to improve erections and prevent impotence. The part of the program about sexual foods and aphrodisiacs includes directions about food and natural products to enhance erections at most. However, the erectile dysfunction is a very complex problem and it could have many different causes and possible remedies, so the program also provides a complete guide to the general problem, including all the documented causes and recent news about scientific/natural remedies.

    It is said that about 20% of men (at least speaking about western societies), have some trouble of erectile dysfunction. That makes it about millions of men. For this reason, in any country where you could possibly go, you will always hear about it and also for this reason the success of some potency drugs is overly spread. In any case, before the release of these medicines, impotence appeared to be an unavoidable consequence of age or a chronic disease. Nowadays there are many solutions and many of them are not based on drugs. Many treatments can be found, they are more or less effective, but finding an universal diagnostic and general therapy is difficult because of so many causes.

    From our perspective, sexual impotence may have mainly three causes:

    1. Blood circulation troubles, such as vascular ones or due to fibrosis in the sex cavernous structure.
    2. Mind (psychological problems).
    3. Impotence due to other physical problems, diseases, inflammations or accidents due to surgical interventions.

    Let's say that each one of these causes may be subdivided in many sub-causes. In this public area we'll try to explain some of these causes and especially we'll try to indicate which kind of problems our program is able to solve and which ones can only be solved with a physician. Some impotence trouble may be treated just by taking some natural products, without need to take drugs. But, let's better describe the possible causes:

    Blood Flow Issues

    These blood flow related problems are the most natural candidates to cause. These troubles may have several origins: smoking, poor diet habits, cholesterol, fibrosis, various other impurities and so on. Sure, blood circulation is not the only factor that matter, but it is the most obvious.

    In the part of our program about sexual performances, we offer several exercises to prevent these problems in most cases, these natural exercises are able to revitalize the penile circulatory apparatus, purifying it. Considering the effectiveness of these techniques and the success they have obtained, we conclude that these kinds of problems are easily solvable.

    Our guide about sexual foods and aphrodisiacs also faces the problem, giving you healthy diets to ensure impotence prevention at the utmost and, sometimes, solving it definitely. There are also products eliminating the fibrosis responsible of penis curvatures, which may cause some impotence cases. These products are described in our guide, as well. And, finally, there are natural products having properties similar to sildenafil. Equally, some natural products have effects over dopamine, noradrenaline and serotonin (they are neurotransmitters acting directly over the libido), while some others stimulate the genital terminal nerve favoring sexual hormones production.

    Psychological Causes of Impotence

    Sexual impotence may be perfectly caused by psychological issues. How do you determine if the trouble is physical or mental? The answer is straightforward: when the problems are physical, you will always have erectile problems, even when masturbating or in morning, where you are supposed to get morning erections. But, if you have erectile problems and still you get erections in these circumstances, then you have very likely a psychological problem.

    These problems may have many faces and natures. Our program also covers this aspect of the problem, but not exhaustively. It's known that where physical problems are not present, the erection is directly related to the sexual desire and this latter is directly related to the quality of the libido. Without a good libido, we will have less opportunities to get excited and therefore to get a good erection. The part of our program about the libido and the desire discusses this problem in great detail.

    Impotence: Other Physical Problems, Diseases, Inflammations, etc.

    Impotence may also have causes going beyond the simple blood circulation. This includes hormonal dysfunctions, drugs abuse or neurological problems. Men suffering from this kind of impotences have, as the only choice, to consult a physician, they can't be solved naturally. Furthermore, the prostate, the pudendum nerve or perineal muscles inflammations, may also weaken erections.

    Impotence may also be caused by severe illness, hormonal insufficiencies, surgical interventions or accidents having damaged the sexual apparatus in some way. These cases are quite rare, absolutely of medical nature and, this time again, they can't be treated naturally. The purpose of this program is not replacing physicians, but helping achieving a good sexual shape by natural means. Asking us to solve issues dues to severe health problems is like asking a swimming trainer to cure an injury preventing you to swim. If you pick the analogy, we are "sexual trainers", not physicians. Therefore we mention these extreme cases only to complete a discussion, but these latter problems go much beyond the purposes and the reaches of this program.

    Important postulate about impotence

    Finally, it's worth underlining that most cases are purely imaginary. In many men with erectile troubles there is nothing wrong with the penis. They perfectly can have erections, unless naked women are in the nearness. Indeed, most erectile dysfunctions, even in aged people, have a psychological factor and they don't have any functional cause.

    When impotence problems are not due to blood circulation, 90% of them are caused by the mind, which is the main engine of sexual arousal in human beings, and also the main cause of many problems. Sometimes, a very simple circulation problem may be converted into a psychological issue (because the first incident constitute an antecedent, causing fear and performance complexes). A psychological problem may have the power to influence blood circulation and physical sides, converting itself to a physical problem, even in a perfectly healthy organism.

    This explains why there are young eighteens having erectile troubles and, at the same time, seventy-year-old men that never fail a shot. Let's say that blood flow - apart from its possible problems - is only a means. The true arousal agent is the mind, the libido and our arousing degree. Our mind also control our hormonal production, so we should always consult a physician before beginning any hormonal treatment. Our diet may influence it as well, since an incorrect food ingestion or some bad habits (like smoking or drinking a lot), could cause circulatory problems in the long term, which may lead to the impotence, among other things.

    This program acts as a true specialist in the treatment and solutions of most impotence problems. It offers not only valid solutions, but it also explains all the impotence causes and why they occur. Anyone having erectile problems should skim it, before taking chemical products or turning on drastic remedies. The simplest way is always the better starting point. Frequently, we drown in an inch of water, because the impotence has, in the majority of cases, many simple remedies amazing us when realizing them.


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