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How to Give a Woman Explosive Orgasms

Giving sexual pleasure to a woman is not only a matter of good lovemaking. You also have to apply techniques you maybe don't know but which are very effective.

The title of this article is obviously commercial and its only aim is to attract lector's attention. But, our actual goal is not to provide a miracle method to give incredible orgasms to any woman. Such a method doesn't exist. Each woman is different and orgasm quality is also related to couple chemistry and feeling, aside from the sexual perception and background of any given woman, without counting the physical and emotional context of the sexual intercourse.

Therefore we will not provide a method that never fail and always works, we will just try to help you to have more chances to give orgasms to a greater number of women.

The Art To Give to Women The Stimulation They Really Need

Fist and foremost, why is so important to give an orgasm to a woman? Our overall success will depend on it, providing an orgasm is an important goal, don't focus yourself on just getting an erection and ejaculate... even if you last during hours, this will still not be enough. When you make love, your main goal should always be to give an orgasm, no matter if you perform oral sex or complete intercourse. Even if a woman tell you that orgasm is not the more important thing, even if she will tell you that each step of the travel is important, in reality all this is only partially true.

And, contrary to what you are probably thinking about, having a bigger penis is not enough! The orgasm is not just a matter of long lasting or penile size. They may influence the quality of the intercourse, but they are not the ultimate element. Even if your enlarge your penis or you develop a great resistance, you will not benefit of all this if you are not able to use it, if you cannot arouse her or manage your movements.

The penis size is important for an aesthetic point of view and when it's time to arouse her. It is important to have a good foreplay. It is also important to to move the right way and with the right rhythm. But, it is another key element in this stuff, regardless of all the other factors we have mentioned. We will talk about it in this article.

The Best Stimulation Depends on the Female Sexual Background

Here we are with the most important factor. Women don't enjoy equal, they don't have the same way to reach orgasm. They way a woman can enjoy the most depend on the way she is adapted to find pleasure in her sexual lifestyle. This manner of getting adapted with a way to find pleasure in the more effective way is called sexual background. So the way a woman better respond sexually depend largely on that sexual background, and this is exactly the key to develop your sexual skills.

The average Jenny sexual background is limited. Women don't masturbate as often as men do and they have less sexual experience. For a woman it's the quality that counts the most, a woman don't usually want as much men as possible, like men do. Therefore most women develop at most one way to reach the orgasm. There are techniques which allow women to enlarge their sexual background with exercises allowing them to discover other ways to reach the orgasm with a larger palette of stimulations. For example a woman who usually reachs the orgasm by clitoris stimulation can learn to reach it by vaginal stimulation or even other stimulations.

Not all women know the techniques to enlarge their sexual background, not all are interested to this and not all the men can teach this stuff to them. In the majority of cases a woman only reach the orgasm in the way she got used to reach it. If you stimulate her differently, you won't give her an orgasm, no matter how much you will last or how better or fast you'll perform. Consider than some women don't even have a way to reach orgasm. But you can help a lot in the process.

The Art To Make a Woman Enjoy

We will provide here a typical example. Most women are clitoridian. In these women everything is easier. Stimulating their clitoris with sufficient imagination is enough and these women, assuming you make them a good job and assuming you will perform well, will reach the orgasm. But, for many other woman just stroking their clitoris or their vulva is not enough, even by penetration.

Stroking is Not the Only Way

If fact, sexual pleasure don't come only from strokes. Sexual orgasms are also stimulated by pressures. This kind of stimulation is normally associated to penetration, but the clitoris can also be stimulated by pressure and even during intercourse, this will work only in some positions.

There are women that will only reach orgasm by pressures strong enough. We will especially talk about this technique. But before discussing about pressure, we will first talk about basic strokes.

The Best Stroking During Oral Sex

Making an oral to a woman means you begin slowly, then you will increase the rhythms little by little as her arousal increases. Don't stimulate the clitoris too fast. Begin with vaginal labia and the vulva. Some women prefer a localized and monotone stimulation, some other prefer a varied and imaginative one, for example by alternating with your mouth between the vulva and the labia and the labia and the vulva. Only when the clitoris will be well aroused you can stimulate it directly.

The clitoris may be stimulated by fast moves of the tongue and your lips, or even by sucking it. Some women perfer to be sucked, other to be licked. Only if you know a woman or proceing with try and error you will discover her sexual preferences. But the most important thing (no matter if your stimulation is localized and monotone or imaginative and varied), is that you should not limit yourself to only one area. With your mouth you must run the entire vagina! That is, you can use a local or varied technique, but always with the entire vagina in your mouth! Even if you are especially stimulating her clitoris, even if you are penetrating her with your tongue, the rest of her vagina must be kept in your mouth and continue to receive secondary, non-sop stimulations.

You will deal with a single spot at once, or you will always stimulate the same point but without neglecting the other vaginal areas. Oral sex is a difficult art and you have to develop your imagination to the maximum, be creative. Demonstrate her that you are greedy, that her sex doesn't cause you repugnance, you have to learn to fall in love with the vagina, to enjoy its odor and its flavor. You will never accomplish anything good if you don't love what you are doing, if this doesn't drive your crazy. This is an important principle. The more you will be glutton of vagina and everything that come outside from it (except maybe menstrual blood, obviously), the more you will be good at oral sex.

The Best Stroking During Penetration

During ordinary intercourse, rhythm is the most important deal. You have to learn to go with her rhythm if you want to give her an orgasm. Further, you have to be sensual and pleasing in each of your movements. One good way to figure it out is to make love with her above you. When a woman is above a men, she is who conduct the game. In this position, it is easier for a woman to reach the orgasm. Observe her rhythm and try to follow it when it will be your turn to be above her.

The sexual position with the woman above the man

Rhythm and penetration speed are important factors and they make the difference between the good and the dumb lover.

When Stroking is Not Enough

Despite of all these techniques, suppose you do all that perfectly, many women still don't reach the orgasm, no matter how hard you try, because the simple stroking is not enough according to their sexual background.

All we have said up to now is well known in many pages from the internet, but now we will give the secret recipe to bring any woman you desire to the orgasm. The pressure element! How many times do you heard about that? And yet this is the factor which will allow you to give orgasms even to women you were no able to satisfy.

People usually talk about pressures when they are referring to very deep penetrations, that is, the vaginal or uterine stimulations. This is not necessarily the case you can perform pressure even over the clitoris or external vaginal areas, and we will show it here.

The Pressure Element During Oral Sex

This technique especially work in a 69 position, when you have an upside-down pussy in your face. It is about to make oral sex exactly the way described above. But this time your chin will participate to the stimulation by adding the pressure factor! The chin is not the only actor (you can make pressure with your mouth and face near it too), but it is the main. That is, instead of only licking or sucking her clitoris, you will pressure it and all the surrounding zone with your chin, while, with her pussy in your mouth, you will also stimulate the vulva and the inferior parts of her sex, between the vagina and the anus (and why not the anus too); these are zones that lot of people forget.

Obviously it is impossible to arouse everything at the same time. You have only one mouth and her pussy is bigger than that. But who said that you must stimulate everything? We are just telling all the possibilities. Sure, you will insist more on the ones you prefer and also you will alternate. You must take all this and customize it according to your needs and her way to respond. Got it?

The pressure intensity may be strong or light, according to preferences. You should keep the clitoris area under a constant pressure and, at the same time, you will stimulate the rest of the sex with all your passion. This way, all the forces enter into play and the orgasm will be unavoidable. This doesn't mean that this technique will work absolutely with all women, but this will surely work with much more women than your usual stroking. Try out and see!

The Pressure Element During Penetration

This technique works only in the missionary position or when you penetrate her from the back. If you are in the missionary you have to lean more forward with your body so the anterior part of your penis will make leverage and will pressure the clitoris. This way, you will also stimulate her G-spot and her sexual arousal will be more varied.

If you penetrate her vagina from the back, the technique will be similar, but instead of make leverage with the upper part of your penis, you will do it with the lower part. The key idea in this is the lever principle. When you lift a rock with a lever, you must pressure at the base with a stick. In the same manner, you will make leverage with your penis on her clitoris with both your penis and pubis (if you are in the missionary position). Sure, you will make the best pressure only with a full penetration. If you have a big penis, this will help you in this context.

With this technique her orgasms will be faster and more intense, further you will be able to make enjoy a greater number of women, even these which usually don't reach the orgasm with you. The pressure factor is very important and it arrives with some women where the normal stroking doesn't arrive.


With these notions you will have an additional tool to make women enjoy: the pressure factor. A tool which is not known by most men but which reveals to be extremely efficacious! Try out and if you have loved this article, we will invite you to share it in social media, so other people will also benefit from this information.

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