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Glans enlargement

This page describes our supplementary exercises specially conceived to increase the size of the glans.

  • Grand enlargement with supplementary exercises.
  • An enlarged glans has repercussions on the female sensitivness.
  • In this case too, basic penis enlargement exercises bring proportional results, allowing to improve all the factors in an equilibrate fashion, such as the length, the thickness, the circumference and so on. It's quite obvious that the glans, as well will increase in size, as the rest of the penis.

    So, why providing specialized exercises to increase the glans size? Very simply because there are men who, for aesthetical reasons or personal taste, prefer to have a bigger glans, in the same way that there are men preferring to have a penis longer than thicker or thicker than longer. Then, there are men wanting their glans much bigger and "swollen" than the penis trunk.

    This kind of enlargement has not only a visual impact, it also has a direct impact on the partner's sensations. Thus, some women appreciate penises with a glans like this, disproportionate with respect to the rest. Normally it's about uterine women, that is, women especially sensitive at the uterus level and having orgasms particularly through the stimulation of vaginal walls. In this context, a particularly developed glans would be very helpful.

    An enlarged glans will also be handy in the female G-spot stimulation. The G-spot is a nervous mass which covers the urethra and which is located inside the vagina, between the urethral canal and the pubic bone. This zone is especially sensitive to erotic stimulations and it also has erectile tissues which, when aroused, are visibly swelling. The G-spot allows orgasmic sensations and, in fact, there is a G-spot orgasm especially dramatic and expressive. This orgasm, apart from enabling the famous female ejaculation, could be combined with other sensations, creating very intense female pleasures and consequent memorable orgasms. In the part dedicated to female satisfaction in our program, we'll discuss the G-spot in great detail.

    Sure, the glans enlargement is not mandatory to stimulate the G-spot, but it can significantly contribute during a sexual intercourse. Remember that the more pleasure you can give to a woman, the more she will be physically attracted to you. Sometimes, female satisfaction is a critical factor in falling in love.

    Natural glans enlargement finality

    After all, the glans enlargement is, like all the other extra techniques of this program, an optional exercise. It could be very useful to men considering it important, but if it's not your case, then follow your common sense, your personal tastes and needs. The enlargement of the glans is an aesthetical choice, a sexual lifestyle preference. For some men, having a developed glans is very important, for others it is a secondary matter, or for some more, it's not important at all. This program provides these techniques simply to give readers more options and satisfy all kinds of man.

    As in the case of penis thickening or lengthening exercises, the glans enlargement ones aren't an alternative to normal exercises. In this case too, they are just a bonus, an optional complement. Traditional, basic exercises cannot be skipped, they work especially over the glans and you will not need to do special exercises if you only wish proportional results. If we have provided special glans exercises, it was to satisfy all the preferences and make this program even more useful.

    A penis development program could not be considered complete without covering all the existing techniques and without being constantly updated. For this reason, new exercises are periodically added, to please the exigencies of all the natural penis development audience.


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