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How to Satisfy Women

This program features an entire section about female satisfaction, sexuality and erogenous secrets.

  • All the woman's erogenous secrets.
  • The most common obstacles to female orgasms.
  • Mastering all the ways to better bring her to the orgasm.
  • How to better seduce and satisfy women.
  • Female satisfaction, seduction and sexuality

    Female feelings are very subjective, but all the women have similar characteristics and, therefore, similar exigencies!

    Women take more time than men to reach an orgasm and, furthermore, they are famous to being multiorgasmic, but there is more, if we are able to arouse them suitably, they may not only have several orgasms during a single intercourse, but also they are able to reach the orgasm in several different ways, according to the stimulated zone (there are eight orgasmic zones in the female body, which are called the eight female orgasms).

    Enlarging the penis and developing it in every aspects is surely important, but to be really successful with women you must also know their sexuality, more than any other rival.

    This part in the program covers female satisfaction and the main aim is to help you better understand women by explaining, step by step, all the main details of female sexuality, either in physical and pleasure sides. After an extended search from the best sources of sexology, we are able to provide the most important details that any Casanova - that is, a man of great eroticism - must know.

    Especially, you will find answers to issues like:

    • Romantic savoir-vivre. What to avoid with women.
    • Mastering foreplay.
    • All the steps of female satisfaction, from the first caress to the orgasm.
    • All the sensitive and erotic spots in women, from the more known to the less evident.
    • All the types of orgasm that a woman may have. There are eight. Ways to combine and trigger them in a single thunder of pleasure.
    • Female frigidity. Cause and possible remedies. Female exercises.
    • And much more...

    We have said that a woman may have up to eight different orgasms which may be felt separately or together. Sure, orgasm is always the same and when we state that there are various kinds of orgasms, we mean that there are different ways to reach it, through very different kinds of sensations. For example, the sensations we feel during an anal intercourse are very different to vaginal ones and orgasm has a different feelings. But, at the end, orgasm always occurs the same way, sure, with its qualitative differences.

    A whole body orgasm may be considered like several orgasms coming one after the other or like a simultaneous product of them. During such orgasm either man and woman may feel electrified and have shivers in every part of their body.
    Some people may even feel disagreeable sensations (belonging to tickle category), due to the excessive pleasure. Total orgasm symptoms may also be noticed through spasms all along the body, the panting, the shouts and the female ejaculation. Remember - and we will discuss it later - that an orgasm is simply the result of a pleasure and doesn't necessarily represents an ejaculation. In the program we will talk more deeply about all these aspects.

    Sure, we also have to say that some women never got an orgasm and this problem may be solved in most cases. In this program, we will study all the possible solutions, and there are a lot, all very effective. In this matter too, medicine is unable to offer practical solutions, since it only covers clinical o therapeutic sides and it doesn't study personal development dimensions and human potential. People's ignorance about sexual matters doesn't make things easier, remember that only a few years ago, sex was a taboo and even today, there are cultures and mentalities where female satisfaction has no importance at all, indeed, in these lands, women still are sexual objects and satisfaction is only faced when benefiting men.

    These cultures forget an important thing: if we are able to totally satisfy a woman, more than she expects, we will gain too, there is nothing more exciting for a man than a woman who enjoys sex madly; and if we are able to satisfy a woman completely, we'll also be more successful, she will fall in love more easily and our charm will increase in general.

    To find solutions to female satisfaction problems, physicians are not very helpful, because this kind of problems must be faced by experienced seducers who have mastered the tricks of love in their sexual and sentimental reality and who are able to solve the issues effectively.

    Even if you believe to know everything about female satisfaction and seduction, this part will offer you a simple, but complete reference to the topic. After all, since we are dealing with sexual education, why not consider female sexuality as well? We surely don't pretend here to be fully exhaustive, because this is not the main aim of this site, but we simply want to offer a good guide in order to help you improving your relationships with the opposite sex, because - don't forget it - when you are making love, you are two!


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