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Frequently Asked Questions

The 4-big-penis.com FAQ. For all people having doubts about these penis enlargement techniques and the sign-up process, here's the answers of all the most frequently asked questions.


In this page you will find all the frequently asked questions about our penis development program and related stuff. If you have a question you don't find here, you can send us an email.

We suggest to read the following carefully, since this section provides important answers about your membership and the program itself.


Answers to Frequentily Asked Quesetions

Q: Is it safe to pay online by credit card? Who guarantees me that I will not be swindled?

A: All the transactions of this site involving credit card payments are processed by specialized enterprises on online transactions and banking security. We have no access to your sensitive data. The process is automated just like an ATM. Every time you withdraw cash or make a purchase with your credit card, it's not the shopkeeper who manage your transaction, but the bank organization which issued you the credit card. Therefore the shop doesn't debit your card, it's the bank which do it through the device used to charge your credit card. You will receive a bill to sign and you don't have any doubt neither about the transaction nor the amount deduced. When you but online, thinks work the same way, the only difference is that you communicate with the bank through an online form, instead of a physical device.

Sure, in the online marked it exist a lot of frauds, but no serious company would never do it, because it wouldn't last a month. Fraudulent sites only operates the necessary time to perform some frauds and they don't provide a serious payment system. Our site is online since 20 years (we began with our Italian version (www.grande-pene.com) on March 2003). You can verify that in any Who Is website. [Learn More]

Each shopkeeper, before accepting any credit card payment, must apply for the services of one or more banking actors (that is, banking entities, for example, the MasterCard service or someone representing it), or a third-party service if the shopkeeper doesn't want manage the payment system himself. Never a bank actor would allow a fraud becoming from the merchant and, once more, any merchant wouldn't take the risk and nobody would remain in business for many years making frauds, the business would be closed very quickly and the website too.

The safety of the payment form, in the case of a web site, is guaranteed by a secure server, using a crypting data system using the 128-bits SSL norm (Secure Socket Layer): all the sensitive informations are crypted before reaching the destination server and there is no possibility they are intercepted or detected by someone. It's your browser itself indicating you that you are browsing within a secure page. The SSL system is the same used by banks since several years. You can verify yourself all these assertions.

But if things are like that, why there are frauds? Good question. Frauds work differently. For example the scam/physhing sites impersonate authority sites in order to get sensitive personal information, or some other websites may get your personal data exploiting vulnerabilities of websites, browsers or even internet connections. Systems are sometimes vulnerables and this make them an easy target for an attacker. Although if these cases are quite rare, they are not caused by SSL failures and they may be avoided with a minimum of common sense. Using a combination of good antivirus and antispyware software and never opening links coming from spam, it's very difficult to become an attacker's target, and, surely, it's not the case of this site.

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Q: The name of our wite will appear on my credit card statement?

A: As we have mentioned in other pages of this website, the name of our service will not be mentioned. A generic mention such as "online shopping" will not let guess anything. Furthermore the entire buy system will not work with names, just with product codes, so it's impossible to guest the reason of the purchase. { Back to Top }

Q: Is there any risk that my credit card would be debited more than once?

A: No. The server making the transactions use a anti-double system which automatically detect any attempt to make a double request. If you click the Submit or Buy button more than once, even accidentally, the system will not allow the button to be pressed multiple times until it show you the result. { Back to Top }

Q: I don't have a credit card. Do you offer other payment options?

A: Yes! In order to get all the details, go to our suscription page. You will find the link to our company secure page with all the available payment options. { Back to Top }

Q: What happen when I subscribe?

A: - Once you are in the check-up page, you will have to fill a simple form and you can get any help in case of troubles.
- Then the service will check your credit card validity and available credit by contacting in real time international banking networks.
- If your credit card is accepted (the processing time is about 5 seconds), the system will attribute you a username and a password.
- Then you will receive by email a confirmation message with the informations about your access.
- Once you access the program you will not have additional fees.
- Your credit card informations will not be kept in the payment provider's server. { Back to Top }

Q: Who guarantees me that your service is authentic and I will not be swindled?

A: Our company is legally registered in accordance with all legal norms existing in all countries. Swindling would be against all our interests. Furthermore our billing partners would never allow us to destroy their reputation by misleading our customers.

The e-commerce is an international reality existing since many years and there are norms and laws governing its functioning. Only legally registered enterprises can implement billing services in their sites (credit card processing, etc). And these enterprises depend on others and they must respect all the legal rules. Sure, frauds are always possible, but our service integrity is guaranteed by leader payment providers respecting all the international laws about transactions and security. { Back to Top }

Q: Why the Program Is So Guaranteed?

A: By direct experience. All our subscribers are very satisfied. The only cause of failure would be giving up prematurely, expecting impossible results: analogously to fitness, the genital apparatus needs some time to develop. { Back to Top }

Q: After my subscription, will I receive something at home?

A: Not at all. Once subscribed, you will receive a username and password which will allow you to access the member's zone of our site, where you will find the entire program with pictures and videos. { Back to Top }

Q: Once subscribed, what is the access duration?

A: You will get a life access. It doesn't expire. If you wish unsubscribe for any reason, just don't enter the member's zone. { Back to Top }

Q: After my subscription, will I have additional fees (minute connection, etc)?

A: Absolutely not! The subscription only involves a unique payment. You will access the member's zone through your usual internet connection and you will not have any additional fee. You will not have extra charges even if, after your subscription, the program price increases. { Back to Top }

Q: In what the program consists exactly? And in what it's different from the others?

A: Contrary to other sites that usually only offer penis enlargement workouts, this one is much more complete, because it covers many other male sexuality topics. Some of them are only supported by us. After your access, you will find a complete list of exercises, described step by step by our specialists, and which can be done at your home with no accessories or extra products to buy or take.

Furthermore, our program is very well documented, in the member's zone there are not repetitions of concepts, keywords or commercial styles that overload the essential. It's useless to continue doing marketing over a product already bought! The whole program is structured to offer you an accurate and very clear documentation, it only repeats what it should be repeated in order to make things clearer. Most sites are structured in a disarranged way and they say lot of superfluous things only to fill space. Our content is 100% effective and it only contains useful informations. And, last but not least, this site has a balanced and competitive price. { Back to Top }

Q: Does the program also contain images and explicative videos?

A: Surely and not only so, this program is perhaps the most provided. In fact, contrary to other sites, most of our videos are produced by us and we have bought some others, so, the videos describe each exercise that requires them. { Back to Top }

Q: I don't like to read on screen. Can I print the contents?

A: All the pages of our program are printable. { Back to Top }

Q: I can't count always on an internet connection. May I download an offline version?

A: You cannot do that because it's not about a pdf or a unique multimedia video, it's a member's zone, that is, a portion of our site which is protected by a username and password. But you will not need it, because in order to have offline contents, you just have to print the pages and download the multimedia stuff manually, you can also transform the pages in pdf if you have a pdf distiller. { Back to Top }

Q: What are the life access advantages?

A: There are many, because you can count on our personalized support and on the mailing list (optionally) reserved to our site members. You will also enjoy all the program upgrades without additional fees (new parts and updates are periodically added), so you will get the maximum of our program. { Back to Top }

Q:What kind of support do you offer?

A: We provide two kinds of support. First of all, the personalized support by e-mail (always available). Furthermore, we also offer a mailing list, where our users can subscribe after their membership without additional fees. If you are novice in the internet, a mailing list is like a chat where you can send e-mail messages to all others members of the program. Each message you send will be received by every other mailing list subscriber. Each member may subscribe with the e-mail address he want (typically anonymous ones, like Hotmail or Yahoo!, but any email address is acceptable, unless it's invalid), he can receive the mailing list messages to this e-mail and unsubscribe from the list whenever he wants. { Back to Top }

Q: Why do you provide an mailing list and not a forum such as many other websites?

A: Most sites offer a forum for their members. We consider that a mailing list is more discrete and will contribute to better preserve the privacy of our members. In fact, forums can be seen in search engines, whereas a mailing list cannot and only consists in an e-mail exchange between subscribed users; nothing will remain in our server. Furthermore, you will not need to bookmark the mailing list address. Just check the e-mail account you have used to subscribe to the mailing list. Nobody will discover, even exploring your computer, that you are a member of this mailing list. { Back to Top }

Q: Up to what my privacy is ensured?

A: Your privacy is respected to the utmost. For you, we have even renounced to publish a testimonial page, as you might know. You will not receive stuff by e-mail, except if you directly request to receive something. You will only get your access information, which will not reveal the nature of the program.

Your subscription will be noticeable only by yourself and you can access the entire program directly from this site. In your credit card statement (if you pay by credit card) only a generic name will appear, such as "online shopping". Nowhere the name of our site or our service will be mentioned. Your anonymity will be totally respected for each payment method you might choose. Everything was organized to ensure you total privacy. { Back to Top }

Q: Why your site lacks of testimonial pages?

A: For a very simple reason: would you believe it? After all, anybody can invent testimonials, anyway it will not be possible to demonstrate the contrary for the very fact that we respect our clients privacy: we cannot put real names or e-mail addresses. Then, how could we demonstrate that the testimonials are true and not invented? For more informations on this matter, see this page. { Back to Top }

Q: What is the medical opinion about penis development programs?

A: Each physician has his own opinion. But a penis enlargement method is not a concern for a physician, just like a yoga class, a bodybuilding training program or a dance class. In other words, we are offering you a training, and not a medical therapy. For more details about this matter, consult this page. You are here to train and increase your penis dimensions and your sexual performances, not to treat a disease, a dysfunction or any other medical related problem. It's logical that these exercises for the penis will positively impact your sexual health in general, but sport does this as well or any other similar discipline.

Nevertheless, in some regions, penis enlargement methods are recognized by medicine as well as an excellent alternate therapy, and if this phenomenon is not widely recognized, it's because penis improvement is a new topic in alternative health and aesthetic branch. { Back to Top }

Q: What is the average penis size?

A: Normally, the average size of a penis (in erection) is between 5.12 and 6.30 inches (13 and 16 cm) long and between 4.72 and 5.12 inches (12 and 13 cm) thick (in circumference). We could consider it also in terms of diameter, but this value is normally not used. The following table will give you an idea of the most recent statistics:

Average length of an erected penis

Modest From 6,8
To 14,7
From 2,7
To 5,8
Average From 14,8
To 16,2
From 6
To 6,9
Superior From 16,3
To 26+
From 7
To 10,2+

Average thickness in erection

Modest From 5
To 11
From 2,1
To 4,3
Average From 11,5
To 13,9
From 4,6
To 5,2
Superior From 14
To 19,5+
From 5,6
To 7,8+
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Q: Do the penis may be enlarged from any starting size? Do age influences results? And my ethnical origins may influence them?

A: - It's clear that if you already have a 10 inches penis it's completely useless to subscribe to this program. You might always subscribe to improve your erections firmness, but you will gain very little in extra inches. You also could subscribe for other program topics, but trying to enlarge an already big penis would not be very useful, you are not a donkey or a bull.

Penis enlargement is especially useful if your penis is small, medium or a little big.
Having a small penis is not a limit. Instead, the more your penis is small at the beginning the more the results will be noticeable.
- In respect to age, there is no limitation. Age doesn't influence penis enlargement.
- Neither your ethnical origins will influence the penis enlargement effectiveness, even if it could influence in some cases its initial size.
- Your build or height have no influence over your penis size. Absolutely none. { Back to Top }

Q: Should I get erections to do the exercises?

A: Not in general. Some exercises require only a partial erection, with the goal to have faster results or to do exercises more comfortably. Many exercises require no erection at all and only one or two exercises require a full erection, but these are optional exercises. In general, and especially with fundamental exercises, complete erections are even discommended. Therefore if you have difficulty having erections on demand, reassure you. Maybe you might run into the inverse problem: after having began the program, you might have troubles to avoid erections. Then, be patient, because sudden erections may disturb you during exercises. { Back to Top }

Q: What kind of results may I expect?

A: This is a very subjective matter and it's impossible to determine in advance how many inches you could gain up, since each man is different. Some of our members have gained two inches and half, whereas some others have not passed an inch. The average gain is between three and five centimetres (1.18 to 1.96 inches). { Back to Top }

Q: What are the success probabilities?

A: In average there are 99% chances to succeed, supposing an assiduous and correct work from you. Aside rare cases, the method effectiveness is guaranteed. Unless you have severe problems, chronic dysfunctions or health contra-indications, there is no reason for the method not to work in your case and you have no reason to not participate. In any case, if you suffer form particular problems, it would be good to contact us before beginning the program. { Back to Top }

Q: How much it will take to get results?

A: This depends on each individual too. In average, the first changes may be noticed between the first and the third month of training. Getting stable results (that is results that will remain if you stop training), will require at least six months, whereas to get the maximum results, it will take between twelve and eighteen months approximately. Nevertheless, since the very first weeks, you will begin to feel different... Much of our customers felt enthusiastic in 30-35 days. In general, this depends on circumstances and individuals. Some members get between 3 and 5 cm and, being satisfied, they stop the training prematurely, without knowing that they could gain even more, while others reach their maximum and continue training to see what they could still get. { Back to Top }

Q: Does my penis will keep its dimensions if I stop the training?

A: Sure! As we have already said, the penis is not a muscle, which if it doesn't train, it will lose its size and strength. A penis works differently and once it reaches the wanted results, it will not lose its new size, since the spongeous tissues that constitute it have grown up and corpora cavernosa have regenerated themselves. Your normal erections will keep the new size. { Back to Top }

Q: Do the exercises may cause side effects?

A: Contrary to mechanical gimmicks, like pumps, extenders and others, which may cause side effects, injuries or other damages in the short or long term, in this program you are who decides the strength and the intensity to apply. This is like leg stretching, when you try to touch your foots with your hands. If you are pushing yourself without a mechanical help, you have less chances to run into injuries. Since most of the exercises you will find in this program only require your hands (while other exercises are performed contracting muscles under the control of your will), whom, better than you, could establish if an exercises is harmful or not? Sure, after having performed the exercises (especially during the first week), you would notice redness or little spots on your glans. But this is perfectly normal, even more, it's a progress symptom. {Back to Top}

Q: Other questions?

A: Send us an email you will get answered shortly!


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