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Our core enlarging techniques

The exercises exploit a natural principle: the hability of the penis to enlarge itself through the erection, by blocking more blood than usual in the corpora cavernosa and corpus spongiosum.

  • Natural and proportional results!
  • A completely natural method No gadgets, no pills, no foolosh methods!
  • Permanent and visible results visibles through the pants!
  • No age or build limits! Natural method can be succeeded by anyone.
  • The program introduced in this site is based on natural method to enlarge the penis. We strongly believe that this method is the safest and the more effective to get serious results in a reasonable amount of time.

    The penis is naturally predisposed to be enlarged, because it actually do it every time it get erected. The size in erection is fixed and completely relative to the flaccid one. But, each time a penis get an erection it grows roughly four times more than its basic situation. When erected, it grows because the blood fills the corpora cavernosa and the corpus spongiosum, which are composed by a large amount of cells whose purpose is to hold the blood during an erection.

    So the natural principle consists of applying an additional stress to this normal processus. If we progressively adapt the penis to hold more amounts of blood, it will get bigger when erected and even in its flaccid state. Bigger in length, but also in thickness. That's why the method is effective and reliable: it uses a naturally predisposed principle, so it's safe and will ensure good and permanent results. Once you get the desider results, your erections will keep them, so you'll not need to continue to train!

    You may ask yourself - why giving so much importance to the size factor? Don't be mistaken, you know perfectly well that the bigger is it, the better is it. In all cultures and ages a larger and longer penis had always meant more masculinity and sexual stamina. It doesn't matter where you are, where you go and who is around you. Women are MUCH MORE attracted by men with a bigger penis and, often, they even admit it.

    There is a visceral irresistible attraction to equipped guys that goes beyond any reason. Sure the size doesn't matter physically. The female sex is sensitive through the first 2-3 inches of its canal and in its external parts. Furthermore, the vagina is a "potential space"; it easily adapt to a penis of any size and its length rarely goes beyond of 5 inches or so. Despite of these consideration, what woman would resist before a wang that will amaze, stun and exhaust her to the ecstasy? An average guy with a big "tool" is much more attractive than a muscular man with a small joystick. Why??? Do you really need an answer?

    The physical matter would be great if love making was only physical. If it was so, all the women would be equally attractive for all the men. In real life, if a big butt or hard tits are really attractive for men, the same would be true with the male attributes. A big penis is more attractive than a small one. It awakes the female libido and arousal with an unique result: more pleasure, more satisfaction, more orgasms. And, consequently, more attraction.

    And there's more. According to some studies about sexuality, the male member is perceived sexually more aesthetic than the vagina and a big penis is even more aesthetical.

    Therefore, arguments claiming that size doesn't matter in female satisfaction are very arguable, they don't take into account the psychological side of sex, reducing it to a mere physical and reproductive function. But reality shows that a larger tool is "more beautiful" physically and more arousing sexually. And it also allows a greater number of love making positions. So, we have no problems to state that the size of the penis is one of the main concerns in most men and that is definitively better to get one.

    The good news are that you can actually enlarge your penis! The natural method works and it has worked for thousand of men before you. Furthermore, result are also visible through your clothes. You will have the famous "bump" and your success with women will decuple, because they will NOTICE IT when you are on the street, even without wanting to watch it and even when you are not naked, and this will be better, because they will imagine something even bigger!

    And what about self-esteem? Sure, being gifted will not convert you in a superstar automatically, but it will make you feel more confident, and this self-assurance is even better than the one you might have when you get ripped and muscular. Obviously, women also search for intelligent, responsive, reliable, devote and romantic men. But how would you be if, in addition to being intelligent, responsive, etc, you will also have a big penis and an impressive build? Need an answer?

    And why wouldn't you put this point in your favor, since you can? How much men would be proud of having an amazing and super performing penis? How many people we see extolling (maybe wrongly) to have a larger and longer member? You wouldn't like to know that she really had that orgasm without feigning it to please you? Wouldn't you like to see her shouting with pleasure and make yourself sexually addictive? You wouldn't like to be a sexual hero? Well, with this program you can do it!

    Your initial size, age and origin don't matter. If you strictly follow our directives you will become very popular due to your sexual talents! And the good thing is that you can get it at the same price as a restaurant dinner!

    How the penis can be naturally enlarged?

    This natural principle was already mentioned above, but we will discuss it now in more detail. We have told you that this principle is more effective. Why? This appears evident when knowing the idea, but for people that don't know it, a little anatomical explanation is necessary.

    The phallus is anatomically made up by three "parallel" cylinders of spongy tissues, wrapped by a large membranous layer. The cylindrical inferior part of the penis is called corpus spongiosum. The urethra (conduct where urine and sperm exit), extends itself through the entire length, until the glans tip (urinary orifice), and it's located inside the corpus spongiosum, dividing this latter in two parts, the bulbospongiosus muscle (lower part) and the penile bulb (upper part).

    When the penis gets an erection, the corpus spongiosum, also thanks to the bulbospongiosus muscle, take a certain prominence giving the impression that is the urethra that is swelling. The function of this muscle is to protect the urethra during an erection from being blocked by the pressure of corpora cavernosa, allowing it to be a viable channel for ejaculation. The two remaining cylinders, respectively called the corpora cavernosa, are located contiguously above the corpus spongiosum.

    Finally, the three cylinders constitute an irregular tissue, looking spongy and fibrillar. This aspect is given by the internal cavities (which other websites improperly call "cells"), which are filled with blood when the male organ is erected.

    The corpora cavernosa don't end up at the pubis area, but they continue inside the body forming a path of ramifications firmly interlaced in the pubic arc. The glans (which is a kind of penile bulb prolongation), is completely constituted of spongy tissues, very rich in nervous terminations and very sensitive to the touch. These terminations can be found everywhere in the penis, but they are particularly abundant in the glans area and in the immediately surrounding parts. The penis is finally covered by a retractile skin layer that, in the nearness of the glans is called foreskin or prepuce.

    The appearance and dimensions of the male organ may considerably vary from one man to another, but the size mainly depends on many factors where the cavities inside the corpora cavernosa and corpus spongiosum plays a central role.

    The key concept

    The cavities inside the spongy and cavernous tissues of the male organ, evidently have a basic "capacity" which is very variable, since, after all, we are all different. During an erection, we've already seen that the corpus spongiosum and corpora cavernosa will make the penis up to four time bigger than its basal condition, this is a transparent fact that anyone should know.

    Any sponge will increase its size if a liquid fills it. The penis is a "living sponge", which is able to harden and enlarge because of the spongy nature of its tissues. Now, what if, through these tissues, we flow superior blood quantities and pressures than these that are normally expected during an erection? Our "sponge" is submitted to an additional stress of blood filling in respect to its current capacity. If we do it over the time, the tissues get adapted to this new regime and they will dilate, thus achieving a general enlargement either in flaccid and erected state.

    Side anatomy of the penis
    Side anatomy
    (click to enlarge)
    Frontal section of the penis
    Frontal section
    (click to enlarge)
    The corpora cavernosa and the corpus spongiosum before The corpora cavernosa and the corpus spongiosum after

    Why the results are permanent?

    We have already told that, once the spongy tissues have been dilated by exercises, they will contain blood according to their maximum capacity each time you'll get an erection. So there will the erections themselves that will keep your gained progresses. Once the corpora cavernosa have their new degree of capacity and dilatation, the new size will remain. For each further dilatation of your penis, your erections will ask for more blood and your tool will stay always big.

    The expectable results

    All the techniques introduced in this program are natural, pure and 100% proven to give maximum results. You will not need artificial and - sometimes - expensive or dangerous gadgets or supplements like pumps, extenders, pills, hormones (which, after puberty have absolutely no effect on penis size), surgery, and so on. Forget these tricks poorly valued and highly priced, you can gain much more with healthy natural exercises, especially studied for the penis and you will not risk anything, no need to take pills, hormones, or any other foolish drugs. The natural method is definitively the best and our program will show you, step by step, how to obtain results that you would never have expected!

    Results are inversely proportional to initial size

    The more your penis will be small at the beginning, the more results will be evident. But if, when you start the program, you already have it big, the results will be less impressive.

    This is quite normal. Let's do an analogy with muscles, even if the penis has nothing to do with them, but the analogy is general.
    The biceps of a strong man can be twice as large as that of a skinny guy. But, the difference between a strong man and a body-builder is not so big. A skinny man could become a body-builder after constant training and so triplicate the size of his muscles. There are, however, natural limits that cannot be exceeded. A body-builder could further increase his muscles with a lot of effort and, surely, he will not have the same results than the puny man transforming into a body-builder, even if between a body-builder and another, there are differences too.

    Doubling the size of your penis?

    Many penile enlargement wesites will mention size redoubling, but none have made the effort to specify that these results are proportional to initial size. The male sex possess mainly the same basic characteristics, the only things making the difference are the elasticity and the dilating capacity of the corpus spongiosum and the corpora cavernosa. Since a 6 inches tool is considered average or little more than average, it's not really a surprise that a small organ could redouble its size when achieving an average size or more. But if you start being larger than average, you will certainly get results, but they will visually not as impressive. Nevertheless, we cannot overcome limits imposed by nature. You can surely become a well-hung man but you cannot become a superman. And, on the other hand, you don't need to have a bull's or donkey's tool. It's like wanting to be 8 feet tall. Nevertheless, good and reasonable results are never useless.

    The bottom line is that the tissues composing the penis can be dilated and enlarged up to a variable maximum and the proportionality of the outcomes depends on the initial size. The smaller is at the beginning, the more visible its transformation will be. In average, you can gain satisfactory results in a few months. Any man can improve his organ. So, what are you waiting for?


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