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Penile Curvature and Peyronie's Disease

This page introduces our special exercises to correct the penile curvature and help to prevent the Peyronie's disease.

  • Special exercises to correct the penile curvature.
  • The best way to prevent the Peyronie's disease.
  • Our exercises help to correct most curvatures.
  • The penile curvature has not only an aesthetical impact.
  • Penis Curvature and Peyrone's disease related issues

    Finally! We have solutions to correct the penis curvature as well and we will face the problem in different ways: basic natural penis enlargement exercises, specialized exercises on curvature and natural supplements as a bonus. All the techniques provided in this program are complete and have been designed to solve multiple problems, such as the penis curvature.

    Our program - and our customers know this - is divided into several logical parts. Most exercises of the first part also work to correct the curvature, since these techniques work directly on spongious and cavernosa tissues of the penis. For this reason, the natural penis enlargement exercises are useful as well to correct the penis curvature. But, we also provide special exercises, directly aimed to correct the penile curvature problem.

    Sure, there are more severe cases of deformation which cannot be solved just by exercises, for example, extreme cases of Peyronie's syndrome. In these cases, surgery is often the unique suitable solution. The goal of our exercises is to improve the penis, not to replace medicine, especially when it's the only possible solution.

    Sure, the glans enlargement is not mandatory to stimulate the G-spot, but it can significantly contribute during a sexual intercourse. Remember that the more pleasure you can give to a woman, the more she will be physically attracted to you. Sometimes, female satisfaction is a critical factor in falling in love.

    What is the Peyronie's Syndrome?

    The Peyronie's disease is characterized by a plaque or hard bump which, over the time, can convert into a fibrous tissue or fibrosis. Some studies have verified that the Peyronie's disease develops itself as a consequence of some trauma causing inwards indentation of penis corpora cavernosa. Not all the Peyronie cases are caused by an apparent trauma. In some cases, the disease slowly develops and the syndrome will occur without any specific traumatic antecedent.

    When the Peyronie's syndrome manifests, the tissue in the affected zone no longer possesses its normal elasticity and blood is no longer flowing freely in it. Consequently many degrees of curvature severity may arise, causing sometimes pain or erectile troubles.

    The Peyronie's syndrome was discovered for the first time in 1743 by the homonymous French surgeon François de la Peyronie. It was classified as a kind of impotence. And, effectively, impotence due to veno occlusive dysfunction or venous escape issues is one of the possible consequences of the Peyronie's disease.

    What Are the Characteristics of the Peyronie's Syndrome?

    The plaque causing the disease is benign and not cancerous. We will introduce a short list of symptoms, but each individual can experience them differently. Here are the various causes and effects, which could manifest depending on the zone where the plaque is located:

    - The plaque is in the inferior part of the penis, which is the most common form and causes a curvature upwards.

    - The plaque is in the superior part of the penis, which causes a curvature downwards.

    - Plaques may also be in the sides and they cause lateral curvatures.

    Normally, curvatures always arise in the opposite zone where the plaque is located. In most cases they are asymptomatic and they only influence the aesthetics. When curvatures are more developed, the most common symptoms may be painful or debilitated erections, sometimes occasional and sometimes - in the most severe cases - permanent.

    Peyronie's Disease and Penis Shortening

    At the beginning, the curvatures dues to Peyronie disease will produce pain during erection. The second stage corresponds to a penetration dysfunction: it will become too painful or incomfortable to be satisfactory and it may result painful or inconvenient for the partner as well. And finally, the Peyronie disease may cause erection problems and lead to penile shortening, during the last stages, if it was not treated in time.

    Therefore you should address the problem as soon as it arises in order to avoid the risks to have uncomfortable intercourses or to fall into penis shortening problem.

    Differences Bewteen Penis Curvature and the Peyronie's Disease

    There are curvatures which are congenital, that is, they are part of the natural conformation of your penis and they exist since childhood and they are almost normal. They can be treated, wherever, in fact they are the easiest to treat, because they only affect aesthetically, they are painless, they don't get worse with the time and they don't make penis shorter. And, finally, these curvatures don't cause penetration or erection dysfunctions, their entity is minor and they generally haven't more than 30 degree of inclination.

    While the Peyronie's disease is not a conformation problem, it will manifest suddenly or progressively starting from a specific time in life, they may be uncomfortable or painful during erection and they may make penetration difficult and, finally, they may cause erection and penis shortening problems at the end.

    For the first case, the problem only affects aesthetically. For the second case it's really a known pathology and it would be convenient to treat it from different angles and by different approaches.

    Peyronie's Disease Remedies

    Here's a list of possible remedies:

    1. The exercises of our program: The natural penis enlargement exercises and the specific exercises to correct the curvature introduced in our program could give a valid help.
    2. Propolis intake: Among natural remedies against the Peyronie's disease we can find the propolis, which is maybe the better natural agent to neutralize the various fibrosis causing the problem. The propolis is a product of the hive, like the honey and the royal jelly, prepared by bees. They use the propolis to defend the hive against germs. Beside protecting the queen's eggs, the propolis also have the task to "isolate" the rest of animals eventually penetrated in the hive, preventing their putrefaction. A recent study has shown that the propolis - which is generally used in medicine to get rid of various organism parasites - has a beneficial action against the Peyronie's disease. In our guide about sexual diet and aphrodisiacs we will discuss about propolis in greater detail, especially with regard to its action against curvature.
    3. Prescriptions of continuous palliative methods.
    4. Surgery: be careful. An improper intervention may reduce the size of your penis, so you must proceed with strict control and choose a highly skilled urological surgeon.
    5. Vitamin E: some brief studies have shown an improvement with vitamin E intake under medical control. Nevertheless, there are not extensively completed studies to establish the effectiveness of this treatment.
    6. Injection of various chemical agents in the plaques: this remedy has been applied over a restricted number of patients and therefore is not considered sufficiently proven. This method may involve unwanted side effects.
    7. Radiotherapy: with this treatment, a radiation in the plaque is applied in order to decrease the pain, but the plaque itself remains unaffected. So, this remedy is temporary and it's only useful to relieve the pain due to curved erections. Extending the radiotherapy may produce side effects which may worsen the trouble.

    So, which remedy is the best?

    If you suffer from a curvature, you can do one of the following:

    1. First of all, always begin with natural remedies. That is, you could combine natural exercises with a propolis based treatment. We suggest our members to consult our aphrodisiacs guide which can be found in our program, in order to get more detailled informations.
    2. If these methods do not work, consult a physician and eventually turn to surgery only as a last chance - be very careful and do it with a trusted surgeon.

    If your curvature state is very advanced, we strongly suggest you to consult a physician.

    Also in respect with curvature issues, this program should be considered just as a sport and not as a therapy. Even if it's not precisely a sport, it could be considered "sporting" because it shares sport finalities: improving your physical form by training.

    Conclusion: if you have a simple curvature problem, our program is perfect for you. If your problem is more severe, you could still try, but we do recommend you to consult a health professional.


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