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Instructions to Download the Banners
  • You don't need to copy the banners in your server, even if you can do it if you wish.
  • Simply copy the HTML code below the banner you want. You will see the chosen image as you see it here.
  • Congratulation! You are done, now you just have to wait the results!
  • Our Links and Banners

    This interface with automatic system of copy/paste has been designed for busy webmasters who prefer to simply copy and paste a code instead of uploading anything.

    For textual links, simply put in your site a link like the following:

    If, instead of a text link you prefer a banner, just select and copy the HTML code below the image you want to put.

    List of Banners

    Notice: if you are visiting this page with a resolution smaller than 640 pixels (for example with your iPhone), you may see the banners smaller than their actual size. This because this site is responsive and will resize depending of your screen resolution by scaling the size of the images as the screen become smaller. In reality, once you copy the code in your site, the sizes of the banners will match the actual one. Larger banners have a standard width of 468 pixels, while smaller ones have a width of 331 pixels. In any other case, the size is specified in the banner itself.

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