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What is the average size of the penis?

The average penile dimensions worldwide according to medical data and most recent studies.

Although this topic is aready discussed in our home page and our FAQ, there are still many visitors and customers who ask us what is the average size of the penis; they expect a page in our site which discuss the matter more thoroughly. For this reason, we have decided to devote an entire page on this topic.

First of all, we must specify that when taking into account the size of the penis, there are two kinds of sizes: the erect and the flaccid ones. Usually when making any kind of comparison or statistics, we refer to the size of a penis in erection because only with a penis in full erection we can establish stable and accurate measurements. The Wikipedia article on human penis expressly clarifies that the problem, when establishing an average size on a flaccid penis, is that many conditions like air or water temperature, anxiety, fear, relax and other factors may influence the penis distance from the body. So, some climatic or emotional conditions, if they are adverse (cold, tense) or favorables (warm, relaxed) may cause that the penis is further or nearer to the body, the same is true also with the testicles. Furthermore, a flaccid penile size may also vary in terms of blood flow in the penis, this one may also change depending on favorable or unfavorable circumstances. For this reason, when we talk about penis size, we always refer to the size of an erected penis.

Even the body weight may apparently influence the estimate of a measurement, either in flaccid or in erection state, but in this case it's purely a matter of appearence, because, for proportional reasons, in an obese man the penis will always appear smaller than its actual size, while in a dwarf man, the penis will appear larger even if its real dimensions are in the average. Nevertheless, when establishing comparison parameters, we always mean real dimensions and not apparent ones, that is, measured dimensions.

And, finally, Wikipedia states that "The weight of a man, his physical constitution and his height have no relation with the size of his penis, either in erection and in flaccidity" and that "the average length of an erected penis is about 15 centimeters (5.90 inches) and 90% of men worldwide have a penis between 5 and 7 inches".

Here, you will not find instructions on how to measure the penis because these instructions are already available on this page.

Ok, now that you are able to measure your penis, you may consult the following table, which gives you an exact profile on most recent statistiques about average penis sizes (the same table can be found in our FAQ).

Average Length of an Erected Penis

Modest From 6,8
To 14,7
From 2,7
To 5,8
Average From 14,8
To 16,2
From 6
To 6,9
Superior From 16,3
To 26+
From 7
To 10,2+

Average Thickness of an Erected Penis

Modest From 5
To 11
From 2,1
To 4,3
Average From 11,5
To 13,9
From 4,6
To 5,2
Superior From 14
To 19,5+
From 5,6
To 7,8+

If, instead, you are asking yourself if the penis size matters, consult this page

Penis Size and Ethnicity

Many people are wondering if race or ethnicity influence the size of the penis. Despite of so many and very common clichés (Blacks have a bigger penis, Asian have a smaller penis, Latin have it bigger than Europeans but smaller than Arabs and so on), there is not a scientific evidence between ethnicity and penis sizes, because there are not enough studies about it and the few existing are insufficient and not very reliable, due to the lack of financing and scientific interest. So, the legend for which Black people are more gifted and Asian are less is purely and exactly a legend. This doesn't mean that it's true or false. It simply means that there are facts that aren't well known and poorly demonstrated, even if they sounds likely false. And clichés are not things we can usually trust, at least not outside the jokes and pleasing conversations.

Surely, the responsability of these popular believings is partially due to pornography. Very often we see black porn actors with very big penises, while in the asian category we usually see smaller dimensions. But we should maybe ask if porn movies are not made on purpose to please popular expectations and consolidate myths, that is, the public would notice something strange if they saw a black actor with a small or normal penis or an asian with a good gift, they would see stuff they don't expect and the movie would probably be less successful because it would distract people watching it. Remember that porn movies always want to show what the public want to see and they answer to all stereotypes. It's obvious that these myths are older than porn movies, but the origins of legends are unknown and they not always correspond to truth.

The scientific and objective reality is always very different from what people usually believe.

Penis Enargement and Average Sizes

And finally we have to consider the phenomenon of penis enlargement. Thousands of men worldwide resort to the most desperate methods to enlarge the penis. Even if the majority of these methods are fake or inefficient and some of them are even dangerous, the natural method usually works, while other methods may make things easier. The conclusion is that many men have an enlarged penis and this may further complicate the average estimation, nevertheless the average sizes of the penis are well known in medical context and it will take many other years before that the penis enlargement methods can modify these averages significantly.

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