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Sexual food and natural aphrodisiacs

This program also contain a guide about sexual diet, vitamins and aphrodisiacs that work to improve your sexual performances, increase your sexual interest and help getting better results in the penis enlargement exercises.

  • A complete guide to a good sexual diet.
  • All the winning vitamins in sexual matters.
  • Natural remedies to libido and impotence problems.
  • More results in penis enlargement exercises.
  • Guide to sexual diet and natural aphrodisiacs

    A natural penis enlargement and general development web site could not be considered complete without a valid guide on aphrodisiacs and sexual food. A good diet is very useful to always feel well, and aphrodisiacs can increase sexual desire above normal conditions, therefore making sexual intercourses more satisfactory for both sexes without affecting general health. In vitamins, like in other nutrients, we can find not only vasodilators making the penis exercises easier, but also chemical having a direct effect over the libido.

    The guide we are offering in this program is not only about supplements or pills, but especially about nutrients in their primary form and without elaboration. An extensive search has been made on dietetic and health sources in order to determine the best products for each need. We have plenty of demonstrations, references and possible solutions. Soon, you will learn how to become a diet expert and your sexual education, enriched by the rest of the program, could be considered complete.

    Nevertheless, keep in mind that our site doesn't sell these products and it's not linked in any way to these products or any brand manufacturing or selling them. Therefore, it can't be considered liable of the proper or the improper use of any of these. Most of these products are totally natural and they are available in the herbalists shops or the food supplements shops.

    The Effectiveness of Alternative Medicine and Natural Nutrition

    How do a given diet, food or a determined extract could increase libido, improve sexual potency or facilitate penis enlargement exercises?
    It seems incredible, or at least everything having any action over sex seems to be incredible, a so little known topic and over which people believe to know everything. However, nobody gets surprised when learning that coffee influences the nervous system, that the lack of vitamin B5, E or others may cause premature aging or even that some drugs may alter someone's emotional system to the point of seeming another person. These and other effects may prejudice or benefit health in a determinant way. Some products may cure or kill depending on how they are used and taken.

    Nevertheless, all these substances, when taken, are acting in the body, modifying its conditions, either for the good or for the bad, and they are all natural products. Do you really believe that nothing is acting over sex? In reality, there are tongs of sex related natural products. And some of them are not limited just to blood vessels, but they are also acting over the brain chemicals and hormones, awaking all the responsible parts of sexual functionality and interests not only in man, but also in women.

    Why Choose a Natural Remedy to Improve Sex?

    It's known that erection pills are considered like miraculous remedies to solve sexual dysfunction problems. Lots of people believe in their effectiveness because they are drugs, but, stop for a moment and ask yourself, where drugs come from? Nowadays we speak about official and alternative medicine as they where completely unrelated each other, as one were inorganic and the other one organic. A drug is nothing more than a concentrate of compounds, chemically elaborated and synthesized in an industrial fashion. Sometimes it's about molecules that are isolated and concentrated in order to produce their specific effect.

    But again ask yourself where pharmaceutical companies take and isolate the active principles of their last, fabulous drugs? Sure, they take them from herbs, minerals, foods, and finally, natural products! For example a pill of vitamin C is no other thing than a massive concentration of orange and lemon extracts. But some people don't know that the best way to take vitamins is through whole food, because in their natural form, they are assimilated much better than in their synthetical form, thanks to the excipient compounds that are contained in the food and not in drugs. In the course of thousands of years, the human digestive system got adapted to whole food, not dietary supplements or drugs.

    Sure, vitamins and nutrients are not the same thing as drugs, but the problem is that all the active principles found in medicines are chemically treated and elaborated, so they are more likely to produce side effects, to be harmful, if they are taken without control, for too long, in higher quantities than needed or mixing them with other incompatible medicines. A medicine is is a mix of active principles and these latter are usually present in greater quantities than in their natural equivalent. For example, potatoes contain a poison, the solanine, but in a very small amount (less than 10 mg per 100 grams); the dosis will increasse in the skin or in the roots, which get out when the potato is old or when it becomes green due to sun exposition.

    To get the toxic amount (from 2 to 5 mg per kg of body weight), by eating healthy potatoes, you should eat more than 11 kg of potatoes, while to get the lethal dosis (3 to 6 mg/kg), you shoud eat about 22 kg of potatoes, which is impossible because no human stomach will have such capacity! But the amount of poison drammatically increases when potatoes are old, with roots or very greens. Cooking them will not help, because to eliminate the poison they should be cooked with temperatures greater than 240 Celsius degrees. And the potato is only an example, it is not the only food which may have toxic substances.

    But let's return to drugs. Combining them with other active principles or excipients, a union which is not met in nature, it may cause hypersensitivity, severe disorders or poisoning in case of overdose or mix with other incompatible drugs. And what is worse is that a medicine may be much more addictive than a natural product. This causes an effect which is similar to narcotic effects. If we take a medicine longer than needed, it no longer take effect and we need to take bigger or stronger doses, with the result that our body is poisoned.

    And now, to the point: medicines act faster and are stronger than natural products, therefore they are the best to solve a specific health problem. But, using a drug to improve an aspect of our body is not a good idea, for the very simple reason that all medicines should be taken only when necessary to cure any health disorders and for the shortest period of time. A personal improvement requires long term doses where medicines reveal ineffective and harmful, with their side effects, dangers, over dosing and possible addictions. For example, if we suffer from impotence, blue pills may occasionally help, but would make sense to take them forever?

    Today, medicine is too drug-centric, business around drugs doesn't allow more healthy and natural approaches. So, let's leave the drugs in their place. For personal development issues, we simply need something else, equally effective, but more natural and less harmful. A natural alternative, confirmed by its centenarian use, maybe millennial, will probably cost you less and will probably be more effective than its famous, synthetic version.

    In the long term, a good diet or a medication based on natural principles contribute to improve our physical shape in a permanent and definitive way, contrary to medicines that only work more on the effects and never on primary causes of the problems and which, in the long run, may only poison you.

    Our guide will introduce you not only the food, the vitamins and the aphrodisiacs you could take to get more from your trainings and your sexual life, but also important informations about their availability. Maybe you don't have any specific sexual problem, nevertheless a good diet is necessary in any circumstance either to maintain yourself well or to prevent problems. Even if you are in perfect sexual shape, you can improve by following the diet which helps you reach your maximum potential.


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