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Guide to Natural Aphrodisiacs

In this page you will find a selected list of the best aphrodisiacs products described in our aphrodisiac guide inside the 4-big-penis program.

There are many commercial natural pills to improve libido and sexual performances. But most of the active principles composing these pills are always the same and the goal of our guide is also to introduce them to you, so you will be able to get them separately for much more affordable prices than buying the popular commercial equivalent. Furthermore, you will be able to get them by first hand, directly at the herbalist shop and with better results, because you will control how much and when to take each active principle.

Why Aprhodisiacs are Useful?

We have already described it in our introduction page about our aphrodisiacs guide; from the point of view of 4-big-penis.com, a good sexual diet and an aphrodisiac supplementation are useful to complement the penile workouts. But they also can be used to treat sexual troubles in the long term.

Many aphrodisiacs may, in fact, be helpful to treat or prevent erectile dysfunction and sometimes to make it to regress, by attacking the problem at the cause level. There are aphrodisiacs which improve libido, other than have vasoactive properties and other more which increase, in a natural way, testosterone production, without the typical side effects associated with artificial injections of this hormone. Natural products allow the body to produce the hormone itself, so everything you will gain, you will gain it naturally and loyalty. And this will be much better, even if it would take more time to get results in comparison with artificial approaches.

It's also known how hormonal action is useful to regress erectile problems such as the cavernous veno-occlusive dysfunction. Years ago medicine tried to treat the disease by surgery, but physician have quickly considered it a failure because results were uncertain and the problem came back a few years after the intervention. Instead, a better hormonal production tends to heal the tissues in a more natural way and a lots of physicians sustain, nowadays, that an hormonal treatment is the best indicated for this kind of troubles.

Sexual foods

Sexuality may also improve with foods, in an even more natural way than taking aphrodisiacs compounds. There are foods which will promote a better sexuality in a general manner and which, often, are fully enough for a great sexual life, without having to take supplementary products at all or even drugs.

Excerpts of our Sexual Food and Aphrodisiacs Guide

Here the list of foods and aphrodisiacs which are discussed in this section of the site:

Sesually Winning Foods
It naturally improves the ability to have erections and also increase sexual libido and desire.
Natural Aphrodisiacs
Tongkat Ali, Pasak Bumi or Eurycoma longifolia
It naturally increases the testosterone levels improving libido and, consequently, erections.
It helps to reduce penis curvature significatively.
Muira Puama
It's an erection stimulant with similar effects to sildenafil. It also increases libido.
It improves erections, it increases libido and it has influence over hormonal production.
It increases desire in both sexes, it also improves erection and vaginal secretions.
It increases pleasure and it increments sexual interest in both sexes. It improves the blood flow in the glans and in the clitiris, making them more sensitive.
It's also used as a drug, it creates the nitric oxide, an important substance in sexual functions. It increases sperm and sexual fluids production.
Similar to the previous products, it increases the spermatozoon motility. It's prescribed in some cases of infertility. It also increases sperm density and ejaculations volume.
There are three variety of Ginseng. The Chinese and the Korean, which are very similar and improves sexual performances. And finally, the Siberian version also stimulates hormone production. All favor energy and vitality.
Ginkgo Biloba
The ginkgo biloba is a mental and nervous tonic, it increases the efficiency of the metabolim, it improves blood circulation, the brain micro circulation and the peripheric general oxygenation, as well as sexual functions. It helps to recover a natural potency.
It's a vasodilatative, it improves sexual potency and it's an energetic superior to coffee, because it has not the side effects of this latter.
Vitamin E
One of the best existing antioxidants, it improves erections in the long term, it incrases fertility and tends to heal cavernous damages (curvatures, varicosities, varicocele).
Serenoa repens
Mejora de manera general la salud del tracto urogenital, la calidad de las erecciones y asegura la salud de la próstata, impidiendo su agrandamiento. Es una alternativa natural al finasteride.
Tribulus terrestris
El tribulus terrestris equilibra las hormonas, mejora las funciones sexuales, aumenta la libido, ayuda a incrementar la masa muscular y es un energético general.
Mucuna pruriens o Kawanch Beej.
Este producto promueve las erecciones, la fertilidad, la libido, reduce la producción de prolactina y favorece la producción de testosterona y otras hormonas anabólicas. L-Dopa es su principio activo funcamental, es un precursor de la dopamina, un neurotransmisor utilizado por el cerebro, útil para tratar los problemas de humor.
Asteracantha longifolia (Kokilaksha)
Este producto provoca efectos anabólicos y androgénicos, mejora la libido, promueve la producción de esperma (tanto en volumen como en densidad), así como los niveles de fructosa en las vejigas seminales.
Pueraria tuberosa
Esta planta en muy útil en los casos de agotamiento sexual y falta de libido, especialmente de energía. Es igualmente útil en el tratamiento de la infertilidad.
Albizia lebbeck
El extracto de las semillas de esta planta favorece la circulación sanguínea periférica y mejora así la erección. Igualmente bueno en el tratamiento de la falta de libido y para aumentar la fertilidad.


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