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Our website allow you to publish an article about male sexuality with reference to your website.

Our website not only offers a penis improvement program allowing to improve male sexuality. It also pretends to offer as much sexuality related information as possible. For this reason we are open to accept external contributions with the goal to enrich even more our website with relevant, useful and original informations.

It doesn't matter if your goal is to get a reference or to improve your experience as writer, or just to publish something useful on an old, affirmed website. In every case, we offer the solution.

If you wish to publish an article, just contact us and propose it directly, then send us the article, which may include a reference to your website and the rel=author mention in reference to your Google Plus account. We also accept the contribution of webmasters from other websites.

We provide a list of simple rules which should be respected, most of them are enumerated here:

  1. The article content may not duplicate an existing article on the internet. It must be original, unique and the one who propose it must never violate any copyright.
  2. We may not accept articles with grammar or syntax errors, low quality contents, diffamatory articles, party, commercial, false or misleading informations, off topic contents or any other inacceptable content.
  3. We reserve the right to consider appropriate any publication of any given article.
  4. We reserve the right to correct or modify an article according to our typographic conventions or what we may consider appropriate or not. Sure, any necessary change would be first discussed with the candidate and at the end the publication must be reciprocally agreed.
  5. Any reciprocal reference that the candidate may put on his/her site should be put by reciprocal agreement and must be conform to our policy about links.
  6. We reserve the right to ask or not a reciprocal reference, according to the case. In general, this is not mandatory, but it may be asked on some circumstances.
  7. This list of rules and conditions is not exhaustive and may be subject to changes. Our staff might ask conditions which are not listed here and which exclusively depend on the specific case, which will be in any case discussed with the candidate.

Once the requeset is sent and the article is approved, you could wait some days before the publication. For any doubt contact us.


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Today, an increasing number of users connect to the internet using mobile devices. Not only websites must adapt to this, but they also have to be light, because some devices are using slow connections and many internet providers will charge money depending of the size of the data you download. Everything old is new again! Goodbye flash sites (they will not work on any Apple device) or image based layouts!

It was critical to sacrifice conservative web preferences for today real needs (if we think that some people still use old versions of Internet Explorer, but they are each day fewer). So the liquid technology was born, it's web 3.0 time my friend. This site is not like many others that maintain a desktop and a mobile version. It has just one version that is responsive and will adapt to any screen size.

We have proud to announce that our site is now web 3.0 ready and it looks forward to the future. And we hope you will love it too.