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Our Company, Our Program

Who We Was

Our company, now known as Ionenet SA, was involved for years on production and selling of porn cinema and literature. Our large experience about porn stars training (men and women), allowed us to master all the tricks of the trade.

Our Site, Its Origins and Its Purposes

Some years after the great coming of internet, our staff changed completely its orientation. Thanks to our diversified experiences in the world of sex, we have realized that the simple pornography represented only a limited and very saturated piece of market. Furthermore it was restricting the view of sexuality and all its richness. Contemporarily, with the explosion of penis enlargement web sites, we have decided to create a different and better product, not only limited to pornography but encompassing the reality of the whole sexual improvement. It was under these circumstances that, in 2002, the first version of our program was launched.

Our main aim with this site was to extract it out from its restrictive and superficial pornographic context, to which penis enlargement websites are usually associated. In the course of its existence 4-big-penis has evolved itself, becoming a product which, aside from offering valid techniques to develop the penis, also represents an excellent reference in male sexual education. Far from just being a pornographic site, 4-big-penis.com is already one of the best sources of male sexuality in internet. Our site is available in several languages and it has, through the years, made thousands of satisfied customers.

Who We Are Now

After the success of our first site, we made others as well and our company is not only devoted to provide sexuality improvement web sites but we also are a general web sites production company. We produce all kind of sites, either for us and for third parties actors with a great quality of realization. Aside from sex sites, we also produce and maintain tourism sites, dating sites, kitchen recipes web sites, sports web sites and we deal with e-commerce in general.

Our staff is also composed by web programmers and search engine optimisation (SEO) specialists, aside from sex and seduction experts. All the sites we have realized and maintained are usually in the first page of search engines results, according to keywords or keywords combinations of interest to us or our customers.

Our Purposes, Our Future

The main purpose of our company is the general production of web sites, either simple or e-commerce based. Our goal is to become an imposing company in the very competitive international web market, contributing to web development with our modest contribution.

For our future project we are considering possible dedicated hosting services and the accomplishment of secure payment systems in several languages, joining all the best qualities of existing sites and bringing new improvements, in a web continuously evolving. We also have several other projects.

Where Are We

Our main office is located in Canada, at the specified address below. But our staff is distributed all around the world, in fact our enterprise is a company where most representatives work from home, in different countries. Most of them are located in Canada, in the US, Italy, France, Mexico and so on.


We are working with the most updated technology, each one of us possesses the most updated working tools of the year. We have drop the old style of working with paper, phone and fax and we work exclusively with the new mix of email and chat. All our documentation - except the official and third party one - is electronic.

The final aim of our enterprise is to satisfy our customers, to create a new vision of work and new business opportunities. We work harder each day to reah these goals.

A special thanks to all our customers for their trust in us. For any queries regarding our company and our services please contact us.

Our legal headquarter:
Ionenet SA
95, rue de Séville
Laval Québec H7H1J4
phone: 1-450 937 1596