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Ionenet SA
Ionenet SA
Ionenet S.E.N.C. is a joint share freelance company with collective responsibility, founded in 2001, initially by Alphonse Langueduc and Andrea Deangelis. Then, on March 23 2006, still keeping its headquarter in Canada, it became Ionenet S.A. in the public registry of Panama, file number 520531, document no. 926278, by Danilo Renzi, who joined Ionenet as a third partner on 2002. The current headquarter address is given in the footer of this page.

Alphonse Langueduc
Alphonse Langueduc
Alphonse Langueduc, is one of the starting founders of Ionenet SA, a passionate and expert in sexual education since the 1990'. He has always been a passionate about holistic sexuality, as well as the means to improve sexuality using only natural techniques. For this reason, at the end of the 90' he made an investigation with the aim to know all the natural ways to improve sexual performances.

During these investigations, Alphonse considered exercises, psychological techniques, life habits and even the relationship with diet or dietary supplementation.

In 2001, he prepared the initial sources and a large part of the contents of this web site. But the first version of the program was in French. The English version came up some years later. Even if Alphonse is not the author of many techniques in the program (many of them already existed), he used lots of his knowledge to achieve a quality product, also contributing to enlarge and improve the existing content.

Nevertheless, the main Alphonse's merit and his collaboratos come from the fact that at the beginning of the 2000 decade, the available sexuality programs online had a very bad reputation, especially this kind of sites.

Alphonse Langueduc changed all this. He gave a sexology base to the program, taking it to a new dimension. 4-big-penis.com, which at the beginning was a simple site about penis improvement (it was the trend of that time), went far beyond that, becoming an authentic reference in sexuality matters.

Finally Alphonse Langueduc has a large experience in writing and made contributions to several other extern sites.
Andrea Deangelis
Andrea Deangelis
Andrea Deangelis is the second starting founder of Ionenet S.E.N.C. It worths clarify that Andrea is Italian and in the Italian language that name is more common in men than women. Therefore Andrea is a guy, not a girl. He is a programmer, writer and translator. When he first met Alphonse Langueduc in 2001, he was working in porn actor selection and training for a small Canadian cast. Being a webmaster (something that Alphonse had to learn later), and taking advantage from his experience in sexual performance improvement, he has conceived, together with Alphonse, the idea to propose online sexuality programs. He also manage the customer care of many sites, especially Italian versions.

Danilo Renzi
Danilo Renzi
Danilo Renzi is a Webmaster, programmer, technical and general writer, SEO expert and translator. After a small career in journalism and after his studies in computer science, we worked during a year for Les Divertissement Cyber 2000 company, in Canada, as a translator and SEO employee. He joined Ionenet in 2003 as a freelance partner and since then, he performs several tasks. He's a starter co-author of the seduction-rapide.com collective work about seduction (not available in English), since he shares with Alphonse the passion for natural seduction. He also participated in the development of several web sites and, in 2006, he registered Ionenet S.A. in Panama, for a purpose to distribute shares among partner, something that finally was never made in this way.

He also worked extensively for online tourism, a niche where he has experience since 2003.

The other collaborators and partner will not be mentioned here, because they have not took part in the development of this web site. But, eventually, anyone working for Ionenet, applies all the specialities where he/she's an expert.

Ionenet SA Mission

Today, our company is not limited to just online sexuality, we also produce web sites in general. We make them either for us and for third party people. Our catalog includes tourism, dating, recipe, sports and e-commerce web sites.

Dedicated hosting and e-commerce platforms are among our future projects, in several languages, joining all the best qualities of existing sites and bringing new improvements.

Where Are We

Our main office is located in Canada, at the specified address below. But our staff is distributed all around the world, in fact our enterprise is a company where most representatives work from home, in different countries. Most of them are located in Canada, in the US, Italy, France, Mexico and so on.


We are working with the most updated technology, each one of us possesses the most updated working tools of the year. We have drop the old style of working with paper, phone and fax and we work exclusively with the new mix of email and chat. All our documentation - except the official and third party one - is electronic.

The final aim of our enterprise is to satisfy our customers, to create a new vision of work and new business opportunities. We work harder each day to reah these goals.

A special thanks to all our customers for their trust in us. For any queries regarding our company and our services please contact us.

Our legal headquarter:
Ionenet SA
95, rue de Séville
Laval Québec H7H1J4
phone: 1-450 937 1596