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The Male L-Spot

In this program, you will learn how to know the male L-spot and how to stimulate it the right way in any sexual manifestation.

  • New horizons to male sexuality.
  • New pleasure summits , thanks to the L-spot.
  • Round, warm, intense orgasms.
  • Get the most of the L-spot either in the coitus than in the preliminaries!
  • Mastering the male L-spot and getting the most of it

    Let's say that the male L-spot is a "brand" name. Contrary to the female G-spot, the L-spot is not a concrete sexual zone but only a new name given to the external part of the pubococcygeus muscle, a particularly erogenous zone which may be stimulated both externally and internally. By stimulating the "L-Spot", we also are stimulating the prostate and it's thanks to this combination of stimulations that the zone adquire its particular erogenous identity.

    Conversely, the L-spot is located between the zone below the testicles and the anus. It can be stimulated in different ways:

    • By oral sex.
    • Throught the masturbation.
    • During the coitus, that is during the penetration.

    The first two ways are the more obvious and the easier to perform, but the third requires some training for both sexes. Our program includes these training techniques in order to make the stimulation of the L-spot work during penetration, especially allowing simultaneous orgasms to the male. In fact, the L-spot has its own orgasm, that is, a different way to get an orgasm, different from the usual penile stimulation.

    L-Spot Stimulation During Oral Sex

    During oral sex, the penis should only be sucked on its tip, that is, directly sucking the urethra orifice, where urine and sperm get out, as if it where a straw. With this kind of stimulation, we will get an aspiration effect. To obtain this effect it is enough to rhythmically repeat the suctions in rapid sequences. By sucking the penis this way, we can achieve a male L-spot orgasm. It's also an excellent technique to really arouse a man. But we cannot suck too strong, because it may cause irritations. A particularly expert partner may alternate this stimulation with normal oral sex. Once the man has reached the orgasm, the stimulation should continue during the ejaculation, by stimulating at the same time the fraenum of the glans and its more sensitive part below it with the tongue; these stimulations must last up to the end of the orgasm and during the entire ejaculation process, because the L-spot orgasm is very long and it would be bad to interrupt it.

    L-Spot Stimulation During Masturbation

    This technique is the easiest. Getting masturbated with thumb pressions over the L-spot would suffice. Sure, with only finger pressures, reaching the L-spot orgasm is hard, and not all the men can reach it without training. But, by combining this technique with usual masturbation you may at least intensify the pleasure and differentiate it. Obviously, feelings are much better if the partner is who makes the pressures. Another variant is introducing a finger in the anus in order to stimulate the prostate and the L-spot at the same time. Nevertheless, only few heterosexual men tolerate and admit an anal stimulation, even if they are with a woman.

    L-Spot Stimulation During Penetration

    In order to stimulate the L-spot during penetration, a well developed and trained pubococcygeus muscle would be enough (these techniques are found in the member's zone). The woman as well should have some mastery of her vaginal muscles and being in condition to move them appropriately, creating a sort of aspiration effect in the vagina. Nowadays, very few women are conscious of their vaginal muscles and therefore it's difficult to stimulate the L-spot during penetration. Nevertheless, our program includes techniques allowing women to use their vaginal muscles with profit, not only to give more pleasure, but also to find better erotic sensations.

    The L-spot stimulation during penetration is particularly interesting because it allows simultaneous orgasms and when combined with other techniques, these orgasms may be reciprocal, allowing plenty of new resources in sexual pleasure.

    The L-Spot Orgasm

    We have seen how the L-spot involves its own orgasm, different than the orgasms known by everybody. The L-Spot orgasm is similar to the prostatic one but it's not completely related with this latter. It has its own characteristics, because other organs and erotic spots are interested. Furthermore, even from the prostatic point of view, it's about an unusual prostate stimulation, therefore, people have arrived to the convention to give a name to this set of spots and sensation, calling them "L-Spot" and "L-Spot orgasm".

    Sure, women too have their pubococcygeus muscle, but its anatomic conformation is a little different with respect to men. Furthermore, in women, the area that could be called L-spot does not exist, since the muscular bundles characterizing the pubococcygeus muscle are not visible externally as in the man. For this reason, we only refer to L-spot in respect to male sex. However, women have the G-spot, that is, the spot facilitating the female anal orgasm, since women do not have prostate.

    During usual sex, the pleasure increases little by little transforming into an acute sensation. Generally, we reach to the point of no-return, that is, the point where orgasm is unavoidable, and then, orgasm is perceived like rapid discharges which normally are between four and five. Generally a male orgasm lasts a few seconds and it's followed by involuntary contractions of the muscles located between the pubis and the anus; these contractions seem to characterize it. Whereas, getting a relaxed orgasm is very difficult and requires a better corporal control, but it's also more satisfactory, in both sexes.

    Nevertheless, the L-spot orgasm is different, it is an exception to these rules. It's slow, progressive, without shots and contractions and it flows like a breath. As Dr. Leslie Leonelli said, discharges are stronger, less acute, rounder, warmer, deeper and especially longer.

    In the program we will see how orgasm and ejaculation are two different things even if they happen at the same time. The L-spot orgasm seems to confirm it: in fact, it begins a little before ejaculation and it ends after than the last drop of sperm is depleted. This is an orgasm which spreads all along the body.

    Sure this orgasm is not equal in all men and some are even unable to have it without a previous preparation. So it worth to give it a try and get the maximum of pleasure by being very well prepared.


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