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Résumé of our penis improvement program

For those who want to know how our program is structured, this page introduces a short résumé of our member zone contents.

  • The member zone content was revealed to know this program better.
  • 65 customizable exercises, structured and guided program.
  • This same information is available in condensed and more intuitive way from this infographics which we are prepared for this purpose.

    Our program contents

    Many of our visitors ask us about the content of our program (available in the member zone of this site). Although these contents are described in all the public pages, not everybody has the time to read them all, furthermore in these page we don't describe the internal structure of the program and its organization in several parts.

    This program, although it was not conceived at start with this kind of structure, is divided in 11 logical parts, and they are:

    Getting started, warming-up and preparing techniques

    This part will start the program and will give you several beginning directives which will guide you to all the exercises that will follow. We introduce warming-up techniques and basic positional notions.

    Part one: Penis enlargement

    This part provides all the exercises related to penis enlargement and their optional or advanced variations. These exercises include either general stuff and more specialized one. Aside from lengthening and thickening factors, this part will also provide exercises to emphasize the glans development, to correct the penis curvature or to have more abundant ejaculations and more testosterone production, thanks to special exercises which will work on the testicles. This part is quite large but you will not need to perform all the exercises, just these which better correspond to your specific goals and progress priorities.

    Part two: Power of the erections and sexual performances

    Here you'll basically find exercises for sexual performances. The main goal of this part is to improve erections, even if, in reality, all the exercises of the program do it. But we also provide specialized exercises on this matter to get more firm and quality erections.

    Part three: Sexual food and natural aphrodisiacs

    This part is entirely focused of aphrodisiac supplementation either light or strong and divided by specific needs or problems. We will introduce either male-only or unisex aphrodisiacs. Furthermore this guide is not only organized by enumeration, but also thematically, taking avantage of hyperlinking facilities.

    This part is quite large because it contains the description of all the aphrodisiacs that really work for both sexes, but especially for men.

    Warning, this is only a guide. We don't sell these products, which are usually available in herbalist's shops, sometimes in drug stores or at dietary supplement resellers.

    These aphrodisiacs may be used for several goals, but in general, some of them are used to make easier penile exercises and some others are used to naturally increase the libido, the sexual desire, the erections, the hormonal production or simply to have more energy. Some are even useful to hep correcting penile curvature. Often these products take effect only in the long time (they are not drugs), even if a few of them may be quite fast, for example the Yohimbe or the Tongkat Ali.

    Part four: Impotence, causes and remedies

    This is, in reality, another guide. This part doesn't provide exercises to improve erections because they can already be found in Part Two, and, in general, all the exercises of the program contribute significantly to improve erections. Actually this improvement is the first sign of progress you may notice when working out.

    Therefore the aim of this part is only to describe the problem, the erection processus, the causes and the possible remedies of erectile dysfunction. The advantage of this guide is not only to provide a full description of the topic, but also to study the possible solutions for the gender of problems this program is not able to solve. Among other things you will also find a detailed description about how determine when the problem is physical or psychological.

    Part five: Libido and desire

    Here's a part that will be very useful if you suffer from libido problems of psychological nature or if you simply want to increase your libido in general. We will describe not only the main causes of these problems, but also we'll provide several other techniques to increase your erogenous and sensory sensibility.

    Several of our members that had psychological problems of impotence or libido have took advantage of this part, so much that it remains open to future enlargement.

    Part six: Sexual endurance and premature orgasm

    This part is important to the point that many consider it as the "second act of the program". Furthermore is also connected with Part eight, about male multiple orgasms. Here you'll find al the exercises to solve the premature orgasm problem and improve sexual endurance. Contrary to penis enlargement exercises, these techniques are recognized and applied by official medicine and by sexologists, because these derive from a kind of therapy used to fight incontinence. But soon it was discovered that these techniques also naturally increase sexual resistance in men. They are used by porn actors, who train for some time to be able to hold their long lasting performances.

    Despite of some books or online programs, it's not about techniques to delay the orgasm, but it's about advanced techniques that make the man able not only to decide when to ejaculate, but also to endure long enough as he was born with this gift.

    Part seven: Female satisfaction

    In this part you will find several advices about how better satisfy a woman from the sexual point of view. We will discuss the rules of romantic behaviour, the obstacles to the female orgasm, the women's erogenous zones and all the king of orgasm they can reach. Furthermore you will also find some female exercises about how to obtain orgasms easier.

    Part eight: Male multiple orgasms

    This part is the natural continuation of Part six. Once you have learned how to control your orgasms, you may also learn how to dissociate orgasm and ejaculation processes.

    The exercises of this part are advanced exercises, which came after the one introduced in Part six. So, before beginning them, you should first have some experience with the sexual resistance techniques. Nevertheless the aim of Part eight is to allow the orgasm by retaining the ejaculation. Without it, a man will not feel tired after his orgasm, he doesn't pass through the refractory period of no desire which will normally follow an ejaculation and he's ready for a next intercourse.

    The orgasm without ejaculation has nothing to envy to the one with ejaculation and will ensure the same ecstasy and the same pleasure. In fact, physiologically, orgasm and ejaculation occur at the same time, but they are not the same thing and they can dissociated. But you will need to master not only your ejaculatory system, but also and especially your perineal muscles. This part of the program is entirely dedicated to this topic.

    First appendix: Motivation techniques

    Here, we will introduce the motivation techniques that will help you to maintain an high interest towards the program and to not get discouraged during your training period. Some men abandon the program for the lack of time or constancy. These techniques will be useful to overcome this risk. And they are generally valid for all the things of the life which require effort and will: study, training, sports and so on.

    Second appendix: Working methodology

    That one is the last logical part of the program. This program is big. It currently contains about 65 exercises which cover all its parts, but they especially concentrate on penis development, sexual resistance and male multiple orgasms. How to proceed?

    Some of our members have difficulties to orientate through this range of exercises. Therefore this part is orientated to the working methodology and it will help you not only to establish your best workouts program depending of your demands and time, but also to better organize your work by the exact understanding of the typology of the various exercises.


    In this page we have summarized all the single parts of this program. In the next page we will describe in more detail all the key topics, so you will know the most possible of it before signing up.


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